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Tire & Wheel Hazard Protection

NATDA'S Tire & Wheel Hazard Program was developed as a 5-year warranty program covering both the trailer and the towing vehicle.  The plan offers your customers peace of mind plus there are no setup fees for your dealership.  The coverage includes repair or replacement coverage for tire and rims caused by road hazards plus 24-hour towing and roadside assistance.  Sign-up today for this exclusive member benefit!

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SSI New Member Benefit

Statistical Surveys can provide you a variety of reports but one report has been designed with your dealership in mind.  The “Dealer Analysis Report” or DAR will show you the trends in your market area; know what’s selling by price point, length groups, manufacturer and it identifies the HOT areas by county, city & zip.  Staying abreast of your market conditions can assist you in stocking the correct products thus increasing your sales opportunities.