Women in the Trailer Industry Committee

The mission of NATDA’s Women in the Trailer Industry is to build strong women leaders through mentorship, collaboration and community all while navigating work/life balance. The committee is comprised of female trailer industry professionals from dealerships, trailer/truck bed manufacturers and related industry vendors. To help foster networking and support within the industry, the committee hosts virtual meetups, webinars and special events at the NATDA Trailer Show. The committee also manages group pages on LinkedIn and Facebook to encourage the exchange of resources and information. 

Women in the Trailer Industry Partners
Thank you to our corporate partners!
ATW, Besler Industries, Inc., Dexter, Freedom Trailers, LLC , MAZO Capital Solutions, PopUp Towing,
Shelby Trailer Services, LLC and The Trailer Parts Outlet

Women in the Trailer Industry Committee

  • Caitlin Jugert

    Caitlin Jugert

    President , TK Trailer Parts (The Trailer Parts Outlet)

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  • Lacey Baker

    Lacey Baker

    VP of Sales & Revenue , TK Trailer Parts (The Trailer Parts Outlet)

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  • Jodi Behrendt

    Jodi Behrendt

    President, Advantage Trailer


  • Victoria Clifford

    Victoria Clifford

    Partner , MAZO Capital Solutions

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  • Kyran Hollje

    Kyran Hollje

    Marketing Director, Delco Trailers


  • Jennifer Murphy

    Jennifer Murphy

    Client Success Manager, Deutsche Hydrapro


  • J'Lynn Olah

    J'Lynn Olah

    General Manager, Shelby Trailer Service, LLC


  • Reagan Sharick

    Reagan Sharick

    Digital Marketing Specialist, Dexter


  • Hailey Smith

    Hailey Smith

    Big Tex Trailer World - Beaumont

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  • Amanda Vaculik

    Amanda Vaculik

    Customer Account Manager, Geoforce