Jennifer Murphy

Client Success Manager

Deutsche Hydrapro


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Professional Bio

Jennifer Murphy has always been a people person. Her outgoing personality, easy-going nature, and openness to new experiences make her perfect for the job of Client Success Manager at Deutsche Hydrapro USA in Los Angeles. It is a role where she can use her communication skills to build strong relationships with vendors and customers, bringing out the best in Jennifer. She is the kind of person who can easily connect with people and make them feel comfortable in her presence. Even though she is relatively new to the trailer industry, she has found herself quickly adapting due to one skill set that seems like second nature when communicating with vendors or customers - something that has come naturally due to years of practice while coaching youth soccer teams or playing soccer herself on weekends. This passion for sports wasn’t limited to coaching or playing either; any day, you could find Jennifer watching LA Galaxy games religiously or talking about them among friends. However, when asked why this sport specifically? Her reply would always be, ‘It’s not just about winning but also about having fun while doing it - A lesson I want my daughters (Aurora & Delaney) to learn as well! Jennifer Murphy is more than just good at communication and client success. She also loves life passionately by living every moment enthusiastically, no matter how hard things get- making those around her feel safe enough, opening up their hearts too!


Parent: Deutsche Hydrapro

445 E. FM 1382 Suite 3672 Cedar Hill, TX 75104 United States

(469) 375-1540

Photo of Jennifer Murphy