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Organization Overview

ATW’s industry-leading brands drive the trailer industry forward. With national reach, unmatched organizational might and deep insight into the needs of trailer customers, the ATW family of companies is focused on the road ahead. ATW’s brands include: Big Tex Trailers, PJ Trailers, Carry-On Trailers, B-Wise Trailers, Bri-Mar Trailers, CM Trailers, CM Truck Beds, RC Trailers and Tex Trail Trailer Parts.
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Marc-Andre DuBois

Senior Vice-President Marketing

Brianna Sullivan

Bryan Wynn

Chris Cantrell

Chris Heller

Manager of Merchandising

Chris Page

Dave McKee

David Snead

Eric Blackwell

Eric Zimmer


Isacc Moss

Jeff Good

Jeff Parr

Senior Marketing Manager

Joe Lewis

John Terrell

Keith Hall

Kevin McGrath

Matt Guilford

Advertising Contact

Michele Bigler

Nick Kapinus

Pramod Raju

Robert Hureau

Seth Hoffberg

Shane Feng

Shawn Luteyn

Stacey Funkhouser

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