Maxx-D Trailers

7075 FM 38 North Brookston, TX 75421 United States

(903) 784-8059


Member Since: 2010

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Organization Overview

When you order a trailer from MAXXD Trailers, we’re building a better future together. We’re in business to keep you on the high road of success. We know trailers are a critical part of the job for anything our customer might do. We also know that our dealers play a crucial role in the process. That is why our focus is to build both long lasting relationships with our dealers and long lasting trailers that will pull the weight of customers’ jobs.
Photo of Maxx-D Trailers


Lisa Peters

Event Coordination

Abraham Froese

HR Director

Albert Froese

Central States Sales Account Manager

Allen Kornelsen


Benny Doerkesen


Benny Wolf

West Coast Sales Account Manager

Cory Harms

Digital Content Creator

Elmer Berg

Marketing Manager

Franz Guenter

Chief Financial Officer

Johan Wall

East Coast Sales Account Manager

John Loewen

Social Media & Customer Service

Johnathan Harms

Marketing Manager

Johnny Hardner

Chief of Operations

Kendall Kornelsen

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Cisneros

Procurement Manager

Norma Rempel


Peter Fehr

Customer Service Manager

Rene Berg

Chief of Revenue

Serena Wall


Trailer Types Made

ATV, Dump, Equipment, Flatbed, Gooseneck, Heavy Utility, Light Utility, Motorcycle, Tilt