Is your Payment Acceptance Provider Growing with You or Keeping You from Growing?

Written by Dealer Pay

The automotive, trucking, and trailer industries have undeniably been shaken up over the last 12 months. Some businesses are booming, some are slowing down, but the one constant is change.

Likewise, there have been big changes in the realm of payment processing over the past decade. No more does the responsibility of fees need to rest solely on the shoulders of the merchant. In 2013, following a prolonged legal battle between merchants and credit card associations, a settlement was reached that allowed merchants to pass a portion of fees incurred onto customers in the United States*.

Surcharges have been around for a long time. Oftentimes, they appear on hotel bills or when purchasing tickets for events. Gas stations in Michigan typically charge an additional 10 cents per gallon when customers pay with a credit card. Even fast-food restaurants have begun to utilize this option.

What does this mean for the trailer industry? Dealer Pay designed a program called Pay Share that allows the merchant to share up to 3.99% of the total transaction, to cover processing costs. This allows merchants to accept credit card payments for much higher amounts, with the assurance that this structure will reimburse the merchant for fees incurred on such a transaction. The percentage is flexible to meet not only the needs of the merchant, but to keep customers satisfied as well.

Dealer Pay works with dealerships across the country who have begun taking advantage of this program. Many clients choose to share a higher percentage for sales, but a lower percentage for fixed ops. This allows larger purchases on a credit card so the customer can earn points or miles. One dealership in Iowa started this program on 12/15/2020, strictly in their sales and finance departments, at a 2% pay share rate. As of 12/31/2020, they had already saved over $3200! Extrapolate that to see how much savings your dealership could enjoy!

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*Not legal in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma, and Texas

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