Timbren Industries Introduces New 7k Silent Ride Suspensions for RV Trailers

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TORONTO, CanadaTimbren Industries announced two new 7K Silent Ride trailer suspensions, Part #SR7733T and Part #SR7K31T.

Part #SR7733T (tandem-axle suspension) comes with extra carrying capacity, ideal for 7K RV trailers. Part #SR7K31T (tandem-axle suspension) has been designed with a shorter axle spread, ideal for use with smaller tires such as 185R14C or 195R14C. 

The unique combination of a metal control arm with 2 Aeon® rubber springs per side creates suspension that rides smoothly whether loaded or unloaded. Its rugged construction ensures that it will stand up under the most challenging road conditions. The long travel suspension of the tandem setup increases stability, keeping all 4 tires on the ground regardless of terrain. The ride is so quiet and smooth you’ll think you’re riding on air.

For more information, please visit timbren.com.

About Timbren Industries

Timbren Industries began with the premise that suspensions could and should work better. In 1968, Timbren introduced Aeon® rubber springs and started manufacturing SES (Suspension Enhancement System) suspension upgrade kits. Ever since Timbren’s humble beginnings, the company has grown into a team of experts with one focus: To offer the world the best suspension products at a reasonable price.