NATDA Introduces 2023 Inventory Outlook Video Series - Part Two: Looking Ahead

Posted By: Danielle Mapes (deleted) Community, Dealer Education,

The aftermath of supply chain shortages of the past couple of years creates significant challenges for the trailer industry. For this reason, the North American Trailer Dealers Association (NATDA) created a three-part video series Insights from the Dealership Advisory Board: 2023 Inventory Outlook.

In Part One, of the three-part video series, the conversation focused on the current state of the supply chain and how the trailer inventory shortage is impacting trailer dealerships.

In Part Two: Looking Ahead, Shane Thompson of Action Trailers, Nick Mirsberger of Mirsberger Sales and Service, Inc. and Corey Langley of NATDA, continue their discussion on inventory challenges facing light to medium-duty trailer dealerships in 2023.

The trio address potential strategies for avoiding the current rise in manufacturer surcharges and minimizing surplus stock along with additional commentary on quality of backordered trailers currently in delivery and what trailer dealers should do to address concerns about manufacturers selling outside the industry.  

Coming soon: Part Three of the 2023 Inventory Outlook series will address Business Strategies for Dealerships. Watch your inbox or follow NATDA social media accounts for notifications about the next installment.

Have a topic that you'd like to see the Dealership Advisory Board address? Contact NATDA and let us know.

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