NATDA Introduces 2023 Inventory Outlook Video Series - Part One: The State of the Industry

Posted By: Susan Bishop Community, Dealer Education,

There’s no denying that the events of 2020 shook the economy in all sectors, with its impacts still felt into 2023. In the trailer industry, supply chain disruption created one of the most significant challenges; scarcity of trailer parts resulted in longer lead times for finished trailers leading to increased costs and lost opportunities.  Light to medium-duty trailer dealerships have been grappling with the repercussions of the crisis, specifically when it comes to the current state of available inventory on their lots.

As we enter a new year, NATDA is looking ahead to what trailer dealers should expect in 2023 and how trailer dealerships can best navigate the current economic climate in a three-part video series: Insights from the Dealership Advisory Board: 2023 Inventory Outlook. 

In Part One: The State of Industry, Shane Thompson, President of Action Trailers, and Nick Mirsberger, Owner of Mirsberger Sales and Service, Inc., join NATDA Director of Operations Corey Langley for a frank discussion on the state of supply chain in the light to medium-duty trailer industry and how the trailer inventory shortage is currently impacting trailer dealerships, including older model trailer surplus, new model surcharges, and more.

Stay tuned for Parts Two and Three of the 2023 Inventory Outlook series, which will address Looking Ahead and Business Strategies for Dealerships.

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