NATDA 2023 Inventory Outlook Video Series - Part Three: Business Strategies for Dealerships

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The light to medium-duty trailer industry was hit hard in 2020, causing challenges for dealerships still felt in our current economy. To shed light on topics surrounding the supply chain shortages of the past couple of years, The North American Trailer Dealers Association (NATDA) put together an educational three-part video seriesInsights from the Dealership Advisory Council: 2023 Inventory Outlook. The videos feature Shane Thompson of Action Trailers, Nick Mirsberger of Mirsberger Sales and Service, Inc., and Corey Langley of NATDA having an open exchange about what trailer dealers are experiencing and what they should expect in 2023.

In previously released Part One: The Current State of the Industry, the group speaks candidly about the present state of the supply chain and how the trailer inventory shortage is affecting trailer dealerships. In Part Two: Looking Ahead (out now), the men share their predictions on inventory challenges for trailer dealerships in 2023. 

In the final installment of the series, Part Three: Business Strategies for Dealerships, the Advisory Council members give their advice on how dealerships and manufacturers can best manage their business throughout the economic crisis. The topics range from over-staffing to discounting inventory on their lots. Check out the video and chime in with your thoughts on business strategies for dealerships!

Have a topic that you'd like to see the Dealership Advisory Council address? Contact NATDA.

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