Frequently Asked Questions

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NATDA Trailer Show
  • What is the preferred attire at the NATDA Trailer Show? The NATDA Trailer Show is a business-to-business event. We ask that all attendees dress appropriately and refrain from wearing clothing items with offensive imagery or wording.
  • How many of people can I bring with me to the show and who should attend? For dealerships, there is no limit as to how many attendees you may bring to the show. Many of the types of people you will meet at the show consist of salespeople, marketing professionals, owners and managers, technicians, and significant others.
  • When is the registration deadline? For ease of checking in onsite and to minimize long wait times, NATDA asks that you register all of your staff one week prior to the start of the NATDA Trailer Show. However, you may register at the event itself if needed.
  • I am not sure who is attending from my dealership, yet. How soon do I need to let NATDA know? While we do ask that you confirm your tickets prior to the show in order to skip long wait lines, you will be able to register additional attendees onsite if needed.
  • What do I need to bring with me to attend the show? NATDA asks that all dealership personnel bring their email confirmation containing your QR code to be scanned at the registration kiosk and two forms of identification:
    • Driver's License
    • Business Card associated with the dealership you are registered with
  • Are children allowed at the NATDA Trailer Show? While children are allowed on the show floor, NATDA does ask that you remember the show is a business-to-business event. There will be no activities specifically for children, some events may have alcoholic beverages available for purchase, and others may have music playing at a loud level. All children are expected to act appropriately. Children are not permitted on the show floor during any move-in or move-out hours. 
  • What is the cost of attending the show? Currently, the NATDA Trailer Show is FREE to attend for all dealership personnel. However, there may be some additional events you may be unable to attend if your company is not an active NATDA member.
  • Are there any special events happening at this year's show? Yes! Please refer to this year's Schedule of Events for the latest itinerary.
  • Which manufacturers will be exhibiting at this year's show? For an up-to-date listing of all exhibitors, please CLICK HERE.
  • Where will the NATDA Trailer Show take place next year? We will reveal that information at this year's NATDA Trailer Show!
  • Will there be food available for purchase during the hours of the show? Yes!
  • Will we need to wear masks at this year's NATDA Trailer Show? For full details on this year's COVID policies, CLICK HERE.

  • Where will this year's educational offerings be held? All education will be held inside the Music City Center, with Technciain Training Workshops happening directly on the show floor. For exact room details, please CLICK HERE.
  • I, or someone at my company, would like to attend an educational class at the 2021 NATDA Trailer Show. Is there a cost? Many classes offered at the show are free to attend. However, there are some, such as our Technician Training Workshops, that do require a small fee. For specific details, please CLICK HERE.
  • How many classes may I attend? While there is currently no limit as to how to many classes you may attend, many classes do run concurrently. We recommend bringing multiple people to the show to ensure someone from your dealership is present for each class.
  • Am I able to access educational content after the show? Unfortunately, the educational content provided at the NATDA Trailer Show is limited to live, in-person attendees. However, NATDA does provide various educational content items year-round to active NATDA members.

  • Is there a hotel attached to the venue? No. However, NATDA is contracted with several hotels within a mile of the Music City Center. To reserve your hotel stay, please CLICK HERE.
  • Does NATDA have any discounted hotel rooms available? Yes! Several of the hotels NATDA works with provides discounted hotel rooms. To reserve your hotel stay, please CLICK HERE.
  • Are there any Campground/RV Parks nearby? Yes!
    • Two Rivers Campground (Approximately 15 minutes from Music City Center) 615-883-8559
    • KOA Resort Nashville (Approximately 15 minutes from Music City Center) 615-889-0282
    • Nashville KOA North, Goodlettsville (Approximately 30 minutes from Music City Center) 615-859-0348
    • Safe Harbor RV Resort, Percy Priest Lake (Approximately 25 minutes from Music City Center) 615-710-9365

COVID Protocols
  • What precautions are you putting in place to keep us safe at the 2021 NATDA Trailer Show when it comes to COVID-19?
    • Your safety is our top proirity and we will work closely with the City of Nashville, our partners at the Music City Center and hotels to ensure that you will enjoy your time with us.  We will be enforcing the protocols that the City of Nashville will require.  As of June 1, 2021, all COVID protocols have been lifted in the City of Nashville.  

      Confirming your badge information and agreeing to the Attendee Terms & Conditions will provide you the following:
      1. Contactless self-check-in. You will no longer need to stand at a registration counter to fill out any form
      2. All attendees will need to agree that they have not come in contact, nor have been diagnosed, with COVID-19 and are asked to cancel their registrations should this occur within 14 days of the event.
    • All attendees will receive a registation email containing a QR code approximately one week prior to the event. This will be presented at a self-check-in kiosk for you to scan and print your own badge.
    • All show materials will be pre-stuffed for individual pick-up at registration. 
    • Exhibitors will be encouraged to use the lead retrieval app available for purchase through our registration provider  and to not use business cards or exchange paper materials.
    • Exhibitors will also be asked to distribute any giveways individually packaged, instead of having an attendee 'grab' from a bowl or common space.
    • Hand sanitizing stations will be placed throughout lobbies, the conference center and show floor.  
    • We ask attendees to use their best judgement when approaching a booth and that, if the booth seems to have too many visitors at once, to come back later. You will notice floor decals around the show floor encouraging social distancing and best hygienic practices, as well as mobile hand sanitizing stations throughout the exhibit halls and lobby areas.

Scooter and Wheelchair Rentals

NATDA is pleased to provide rentals for scooters or wheelchairs during the days of the NATDA Trailer Show. Extended stays or rentals will be the responsibility of the attendee.

While NATDA will cover the standard rental cost, including delivery and pick-up fees from the Music City Center, each attendee is asked to place the order themselves by using the form and instructions below.

  • Primary delivery will occur in bulk, once, to the convention center. If you desire delivery to another location (such as a hotel), or on another date, please inquire with Kevin Lee (contact information below) regarding any possible related charges
  • Please fill out the 2021 NATDA Scooter Rental Agreement. At the top of Page 2, please note whether you'd like a power scooter, power wheelchair, manual wheelchair, knee walker, or rollator/walker. A charger is provided with all power equipment
  • Please also note on the form: contact info, user's weight, start and end dates. If paying for delivery to another location, please indicate delivery address and time-of-day if you have any time constraints at delivery or pick-up. The rental company will do its best to accommodate
  • In total, the form requires you to initial in four different areas and sign at the bottom of the page. Keyboard or electronic signatures are acceptable. The form is fillable as-is, or you may choose to print and fill out by hand.
  • Return all forms to Kevin Lee at or fax them to 615-730-9462. Please note "NATDA CONVENTION - YOUR LAST NAME" in the subject line. Kevin may be reached at 615-730-9438, press 1, then 5 for any questions.

Download Scooter Rental Agreement