2024 NATDA Trailer Show™ Official Third-Party Vendor Verification

EFFECTIVE DATE: January 25, 2023

It has come to our attention that many of our members, exhibitors, and attendees are being approached by outside companies claiming to be affiliated with the NATDA™ and the NATDA Trailer Show™.  For added peace of mind, we've instituted this vendor verification page and an official third-party vendor badge.

Please note that NATDA works with only a few outside sources to help produce the NATDA Trailer Show.

As of the effective date listed above, those sources are:

          • MCI Registration Services
          • Plus Lead
          • Fern Decorators
          • HelmsBriscoe
          • Map Your Show
          • Fusion Insight
          • NATDA Industry Insights (NATDAii)
          • NATDA Magazine (via MediaOS)
          • Snoball


Third-party vendors should use one of the official vendor badges (pictured here) when communicating with you.  The offical badges should  include the natda.org/verify URL.  As vendors may be added in the future, we encourage you to visit natda.org/verify whenever you are contacted by a third party claiming to be an official vendor of the NATDA or the 2024 Trailer Show. This will enable you to confirm that you are dealing with one of our official trade show partners.  If you ever see a vendor badge that does not include the verification URL, please report them to NATDA.

If you have received any communications from sources not on this list, it is likely spam. We suggest you please notify NATDA and delete/terminate the communication.

 If you have any questions, please contact Member Services at 727-360-0304 x108.