Tuson RV Brakes, LLC Introduces All-New, Revolutionary TPMS Ball Sensor

VERNON HILLS, Ill. - Tuson RV Brakes, LLC presented the all-new, revolutionary TPMS Ball Sensor with its Tuson Towable Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

The patented TPMS Ball Sensor offers the fastest internal sensor installation time, reducing installation by approximately 75% without compromising pressure, temperature-reading-accuracy and reliability of an internal sensor. Tire installers can simply throw the TPMS Ball Sensor in a deflated tire mounted on its rim, eliminating the need to fully dismount the tire and rebalance. No tools or accessories are necessary to fasten the TPMS Ball Sensor, since it can freely rotate within the tire.

The TPMS Ball Sensor performs quietly and smoothly, has long-lasting battery life, demonstrates a faster wake-up mode to provide quick, accurate pressure and temperature readings in real-time, has anti-theft, and weighs less than 1 oz. The Tuson Towable TPMS is truly universal in design and compatibility for all trailer and RV wheel types, since no accessories are needed to fasten the TPMS Ball Sensor to the wheel.

The Tuson Towable TPMS with the TPMS Ball Sensor is scheduled to be offered in a four-sensor or six-sensor system, which includes a receiver, four or six TPMS Ball Sensors, and a repeater. The receiver is designed to store up to 3-vehicle memories and monitor up to 10 tires simultaneously per vehicle memory.

For further information, please visit www.tusonrvbrakes.com.

About Tuson RV Brakes, LLC

Tuson RV Brakes, LLC (TRVB) is the leader in towable safety technology to the RV and trailer industry. Its innovative products were designed specifically to help prevent and reduce some of the leading causes of trailer accidents. The company is best known for its patented and cutting-edge trailer braking systems such as TSC (asymmetric trailer sway control), ActuLink Standalone ABS (hydraulic anti-lock braking system), and DirecLink (network-based proportional brake controller). Additionally, TRVB offers other advanced towing safety products like wireless tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and RF wireless camera systems. TRVB is constantly researching and developing innovative ways to make RVs and trailers safer so customers can enjoy their time on the road worry-free.

Source: Tuson RV Brakes Press Release