TecNiq Develops Two Versions of All New D18, Heavy-Duty Scene Light

Posted By: Danielle Mapes (deleted) Industry News,
Galesburg, MI January 12, 2023TecNiq Inc. announces the release of their newest offering forscene/task lighting needs for trailers and moreThe All New, D18 Heavy-Duty Scene Light has been designed to reduce costs for manufacturers seeking a bright, consistently performing task light with a completely sealed circuit board for water resistant functionality. Each circuit board is printed on high-quality FR-4 boards and utilize high end LEDs giving users over 50,000 hours of reliable performance.
The D18 features an aluminum body with 297 high intensity LEDs and is available in either the standard 5000 lumen output model, or the premium 8000 lumen version. The D18 is approximately 24” wide, 3.5” in height, and has a depth of 1.6”. The D18 runs on a voltage range from 9-14V DC and uses 3.4A (standard) or 5.7A (premium) at 12V of power. The current design comes with a 9” pigtail connector, and mounts with (4) #10 screws.
The D18 also provides users witha 30tilt for increased ground illumination and is perfect for inside or outside of trailers, work trucks and morewhere increased lighting is needed. The new lamp features TecNiq’s industry leading Lifetime Warranty and is ready to order today.
With 20 years of designing LED lampin various configurations, TecNiq’s thermal, optical,and electronics technologies position TecNiq to provide world class solutions. TecNiq’s new heavy-duty scene lightis designed to provide increased visibility in work areas, walk ways around vehicles, and more. At 5000 or 8000 lumens per lamp, these lights create valuable illumination just where you need it.
For more information regarding the new D18 from TecNiq, or any of their industry leading trailer, work truck, transit, emergency, or marine LED solutions contact a Business Development Representative, or visit www.TecNiqInc.com.
TecNiq Inc. is an engineer owned & operated company with a strong commitment to excellence. We begin with a simple belief in offering the greatest value, the highest quality lighting solutions, and great customer care. We use the highest quality LEDs, materials, and offer market leading technologically advanced lighting solutions. From emergency response vehicles, fleet vehicles, construction trailers, boats, heavy or light duty equipment, you can expect your lights to work every time. Our goal is to exceed your product quality expectations. We feel so strongly about our commitment to quality, that we back every one of our products with a no-nonsense Lifetime Warranty.
  • Lamp output of 5000 (standard) or 8000 (premium)lumens
  • Water resistant design
  • Black Heavy Duty Aluminum extruded body with 30o tilt for increased ground illumination
  • TecNiq Lifetime Warranty
Lamp output of 5000 (standard) or 8000 (premium)lumens Water resistant designBlack Heavy Duty Aluminum extruded body with 30o tilt for increased ground illuminationTecNiq Lifetime Warranty