GEN-Y Hitch Redesigns the 5th Wheel Executive

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NAPPANEE, Ind. - GEN-Y Hitch announced that its RV line of hitches, the EXECUTIVE, has been redesigned to create a more enjoyable towing experience.

What's included in the new redesign?

  1. It's Up To 17% lighter. The team wanted to make the unit as light as possible without sacrificing the strength or heavy-duty feel that this product embodies. GEN-Y Hitch worked hard trying to reduce the weight to make installation easier for customers.
  2. Newly Designed Auto-Latch. The team changed the routing of the Auto-Latch cable to provide much better leverage to pull (or release) the latch when unhooking from a trailer from a truck. Overall, it reduced the friction of the cable which lead to the reduced amount of pull required.
  3. New Look. The new design is more appealing to the eye with a sleeker, more modern design all around.

All of these new benefits are in addition to the TORSION-FLEX Technology that is built into the hitch, which creates up to a 90% smoother ride than a hard connection hitch. GEN-Y Hitch is excited to continually innovate and produce new products for RV owners across the nation.

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About Gen-Y Hitch

Gen-Y Hitch was formed in 2011 by Carl Borkholder. The foundations of Gen-Y Hitch were based upon the involvement of Carl in the recreational vehicle industry, which drove home the inconvenience of not having a hitch system that was compatible among all the trucks and towable units necessary for the company’s operation. As a result of this incompatibility, crews were constantly forced to make special arrangements to make sure their vehicle could pull the particular trailer necessary for a particular job. Based upon this experience, Carl began to design an adjustable tri-ball/pintle combination hitch which allowed a truck to tow multiple different trailers. The result of this work was the development of the patented Gen-Y Hitch. Gen-Y Hitch has continued to develop the Gen-Y Hitch line, which currently encompasses eight Class IV hitches as well as 3 Class V models.