Does Trailer-Friendly Dealership Software Make a Difference?

Posted By: Corey Langley Dealer Education,

ST PETERSBURG, Fla. — Join Blackpurl's Johnathan Aguero as he discusses whether trailer-friendly dealership software makes a difference.

If you want to make life easier, grow your business and give a better customer experience, there are several reasons to consider a trailer-friendly dealership management platform. In this webinar, Johnathan Aguero will discuss ways you can increase profit and peace of mind by giving your team a business platform specifically designed to organize a trailer operations. Discussion topics include:

  • Selling more units with trailer quoting tools
  • Increasing work efficiency with a single place for arts inventory, service history, and unit cost tracking
  • Accelerating service growth with trailer-friendly work order write-up and service scheduling
  • Reducing accounting cost and increase business visibility with popular accounting integrations
  • Deploying a dealership platform

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About Johnathan Aguero, Blackpurl

Johnathan Aguero is on a mission to help dealerships organize and streamline their operations. For the past ten years, he has consulted with dealers to improve sales and service department process and efficiency. Today, he specializes in dealership software and its impact on profitability.

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