ALCOM Enters Offroad Camping Industry

WINSLOW, Maine - ALCOM entered the world of overland camping, jumping into a 30-billion dollar market with three unique models of offroad rigs.

ALCOM created an opportunity for its existing and potential new dealers to reach an entirely new customer base. These consumers are not into the traditional RV’s or large trailers for UTV’s and ATV’s. Instead, they are largely from urban and suburban areas and looking to get out into the wilderness to fish, bike and boat.

ALCOM has designed three models of offroad rigs. The Spur is the smallest unit and includes all the basic needs for life off the grid, including a slide-out Dometic fridge, a cooktop burner/sink combo, two deep-cycle marine grade batteries, propane, a Zamp Solar inlet, a 12 Volt 1/Gal minute hot water heater and a 70" Rhino Rack. When it is time to set up camp, the CVT Roof Top Tent can be ready in just minutes.

ALCOM's second and most popular model is the Oxbow. This trailer comes standard with all the features of the Spur, but it also boasts a sleeping cab with 35” of headroom and a full-size bed with 5" Memory Foam. The Dexter 3.5K suspension, 17.5" ground clearance and a 44-degree departure angle ensure that these units can go just about anywhere someone is willing to go. The Oxbow is the perfect setup to get out into the wilderness with, since it's capable of parking and setting up camp anywhere.

The Caldera is ALCOM's largest unit and is designed to serve consumers that are looking to carry their large toys with them. The Caldera's box has a length of 254", a width of 102" and a height of 114", ensuring that even larger UTV’s will be able to come along for the journey. With a Dometic fridge, cooktops, sink, storage space, and an 1100 Series Tent Bed, adventure in this model is easy to find.

With ALCOM’s ability to streamline manufacturing, its products will hit the market at a price point well below the competition. Let’s go adventure!

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Since 2006, ALCOM has manufactured top quality, all aluminum trailer solutions for nearly every major market segment. From ATV and utility trailers to car haulers and contractor options, our portfolio exceeds 900 standard models across 9 brands. Combining a robust dealer network with expanded manufacturing capacity across three production facilities, ALCOM offers the industry’s best lead times and deepest product catalog.

Source: ALCOM Press Release