2024 NATDA Trailer Show Changes

Posted By: Corey Langley Trailer Show Exhibitors,

The 2023 NATDA Trailer Show is officially over, and we’re already looking ahead to 2024! If you’re looking to return for 2024, please complete your space application prior to October 15, 2023. You should’ve received an email prior to the show. If you cannot find it, please contact Corey Langley (corey@natda.org) to request a new one to be sent. There are specific booking codes that provide your early-bird discounted rates.

We have a lot of new things happening in 2024, so I wanted to brief you on a few of them here:

NEW Booth Renewal Process and Timeline

To guarantee your early-bird discounted rate, you must have your space application submitted by October 15, 2024. This could potentially save you hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars, so please get this in as quickly as possible if you haven’t done so already. Again, if you need the space application resent, please let me know.

We will start the booth assignment process on November 1, using the following priority order:

  1. 2024 Association Sponsors (by sponsorship level, then by exhibiting years)
  2. 2024 Trailer Show Sponsors (by sponsorship value, then by exhibiting years)
  3. 2023 Exhibitors (by exhibiting years)

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, there is information within the space application process. It easily allows you to choose a sponsorship item, then add it to your cart for payment all at once. Waiting to purchase and/or renew a sponsorship past the November 1 deadline could result in a lower place in the priority list, so I encourage you to look at the options as quickly as possible.

NEW Trade Show Software – Map Your Show

For years, NATDA has used a software called Map Dynamics as its official floor plan and mobile app software. As we continue to grow, we felt now was the time to grow our software support to provide one that makes your experience better, cleaner, and more efficient. We’re proud to announce that software is Map Your Show.

For those unfamiliar with the software, Map Your Show is one of the most common programs in the trade show industry for a reason. It’s intuitive, it’s robust, and it makes things infinitely easier for you, the exhibitor. Once your booth is assigned, you will be invited to explore the exhibitor dashboard which will give you the options to pay your open invoices, add additional services and sponsorships, and provide you with direct access to third party sites such as hotels, badge registration and your exhibitor service ordering platform.

Note that Map Your Show will be the only place to pay your open invoices.  Your Novi/Member Compass account will display all payments you have made, but you will no longer be able to pay your exhibiting/sponsorship invoices through that platform.  

To access Map Your Show to complete your booth reservation application,  click here. 

NEW Show Decorator – Fern Expo

We’re pleased to announce that Fern Expo will be the 2024 NATDA Trailer Show decorator, replacing Excel Decorators. Fern is a leading national services contractor serving more than 1,400 events held annually throughout the United States and Canada. It has a legacy of success in providing a full range of services for expositions and conventions, and is the 3rd largest General Service Contractor in the United States

Customer Service

Fern’s top priority is to be accessible, reliable, and supportive. Exhibitors and attendees will have a dedicated and experienced team willing to assist in all aspects of show planning and execution.


A core value at Fern is transparency. One of the most mysterious charges to exhibitors is material handling. During Covid, the Fern team utilized that time to improve current policies. It is proud to be leading the industry with a transparent “OneRate” material handling program for exhibitors. Fern does not charge for minimum weights, late shipments, overtime, or double time rates. It publishes OneRate in the services kit, allowing exhibitors the ability to plan and budget based on their exact shipment weight.

Technology Tool for ease of Exhibitor Ordering

Fern provides exhibitors with its own proprietary software solution, OneView, for ease of online exhibitor ordering. This solution is team-based, giving your entire exhibit staff access to a portal that will include all show documents in one location. The software is optimized for cellular access so, even on show site, you can order from your phone without ever leaving the booth.