State of the Trailer Industry: How to Cope with No Inventory in 2021

Posted By: Daria Tabota (deleted) Dealer Education,

ST PETERSBURG, Fla. — Join NATDA and an industry guest panel to learn how to cope with no trailer inventory in 2021, including customer payments, COVID trends and more!

Manufacturers are saying inventory will still be a challenge deep into 2021 (possibly until late Summer). So how do you keep growing in 2021 with continued inventory challenges? In this presentation, NATDA and others will discuss the state of the industry and projections for 2021. What trends are experts seeing in terms of consumer behavior, payments, customer communication and data? And will these trends continue throughout 2021? Will COVID change consumer behavior? AND, what COVID trends are here to stay? What are the great dealers doing to stay profitable and growing? How are they structuring their service departments? What creative things are they doing to grow? Specifically, the presentation will discuss:

  • Data on customer payments, communication
  • Manufacturer insights on inventory, service and parts
  • Creative ways to generate revenue immediately…and throughout 2021
  • The COVID trends that are here to stay

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