Norstar Partners with Transax, Empowering Its Dealer Network through Connected Commerce

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Norstar logoNorstar, a top-tier manufacturer of leading, high-quality trailers, has formed a strategic partnership with Transax, the Connected Commerce Platform for the trailer industry. With tools to reshape the website, financing, and the customer engagement journey, this collaboration will support Norstar’s dealership network–simplifying the purchasing process, offering streamlined deals, and redefining the experience for dealers and their customers. 

Implementing Connected Commerce at the Brand Level

The Transax Connected Commerce Platform has redefined the buying experience for the trailer industry. Practically, Transax allows dealers and customers to cut time by enabling efficient communication, digital retail tools, and an enhanced finance process. In addition, it also makes it safe to take payments remotely–down payments, or even full payments–with easy but effective ID verification. Yet, beyond useful tools, connected commerce provides dealerships the ability to offer customers a flexible, user-driven experience, removing barriers and allowing a smooth, consistent journey to each sale.

Empowering Norstar Dealers

Norstar will engage Transax to power their brand-level Inventory Display Page. The advanced components will enable dealers to introduce effective calls to action, and improve their online shopping experience with a range of customer engagement, finance, and reservation tools. 

Dealers will now have the opportunity to level-up their current website through the effortless ‘Reserve Now’ experience, complete finance calculator (with soft credit pulls), and Google Shopping Inventory Sync. This, in addition to the suite of digital engagement tools such as fraud protection, e-signatures, and full business texting/messaging will allow dealers to fine tune their focus, save time on deals, and achieve more effective results. 

A Proactive Stride Towards Innovation

“We are thrilled to partner with Transax to redefine the buying experience for our dealers and their customers,” said Trent Fendley, Business Development Manager at Norstar. “We believe the Transax Connected Commerce experience will allow buyers to more easily purchase trailers and truck beds through our dealer network. This partnership aligns with our goal to equip Norstar dealers to provide a superior buying experience.”

“Norstar appreciates how important it is to offer your brand buyers an easy purchase experience. With their vision and the Transax Connected Commerce platform enhancing both manufacturer and individual dealer sites, it will be easy for Norstar and Iron Bull buyers to find just the unit they want,” added Johnathan Aguero, Transax VP of Sales and Strategic Partnerships. “We’re excited for the partnership. The solutions we’re rolling out will make it easier for customers to find the right trailer or truck bed and also empower Norstar dealers to offer an industry-leading connected purchase experience.”

About Norstar

Founded in 2012, Norstar Company is a family owned and operated manufacturing company. With over 55 years of first rate manufacturing experience between the four brothers, Norstar has become known for their commitment to efficiency, innovation in the trailer industry, and quality manufacturing. For more information, visit

About Transax 

Transax is the leading Digital Retail and Finance Platform for the trailer industry, designed to streamline the buying process and enhance customer engagement. Transax's Connected Commerce platform supports dealers in extending their sales experience to any customer, anywhere, with integrated finance options throughout the buying journey. The result? More leads, less time spent, and significantly more finance applications. For more details, please visit

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