Motility Software Unveils New Product Updates to Lot Metrix

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MAITLAND, Fla. — Motility Software announced enhancements to Lot Metrix, a location-based inventory management platform to strengthen DMS connectivity and improve inventory management.

The most anticipated feature is a seamless API integration to Motility’s DMS. This will allow dealers to easily locate inventory within the DMS and import them with a single click. This sync effortlessly pulls sales and service units, in real-time, and eliminates manual creation of service units or an overnight feed to import sales units.

“More Americans than ever before have discovered RVing and in turn, dealerships are discovering smarter, more scalable ways to keep up inventory and demand,” said Brad Rogers CEO at Motility. “The API Integration conveys our ability to promote efficiency, increase sales, and boost service for our customers.”

Motility also released five key improvements to the Lot Metrix application to streamline communication between drivers and managers, improve visibility through reporting, and simplify assignment creation.

  • New Assignment types — Choose from 3 new types to simplify Assignment creation.
    • Lot Location: Select a specific zone and space for a unit to be dropped. If your dealership uses a Zone/Space grid for your lot, it can be uploaded and recalled.
    • Geo Location: The unit drop location can be prepared via the drag & drop Assignment Map.
    • Free Drop: The driver can drop and execute the task without a designated drop point.
  • Assignment description — View the assignment description on the main “Assignments” page without navigating between multiple tabs.
  • Create and manage Porter Subgroups — Team drivers up for designated Assignments.
  • Auto-Deactivate Units — Set an auto-deactivation countdown (15 minutes, up to 1 month) before a unit leaves the lot to manage active inventory.
  • Last Scan Date Reporting — Easily audit inventory with our improved scan date reporting. Capture and display the username, email address, timestamp, and latitude/longitude of a unit whenever a user scans the vehicle.

“Earlier this quarter, we introduced Lot Metrix 2.0 with a promise to deliver these key enhancements within the same quarter — we’re elated to deliver on that promise,” said Rogers. “Lot Metrix strategically complements our DMS solutions and will power those Motility customers who need a tool to locate and move inventory in a snap. If a customer doesn’t have Motility, they can utilize their current DMS and we’ll pull inventory in via an overnight feed.”

If you would like to learn how Lot Metrix could empower your current DMS, please contact us via or request a 2-week free trial to experience the benefits of the platform. To learn more, please visit

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