Ignited Services Introduces Ghost Shopper, a Tool to Capture ‘Silent’ Website Visitors

Posted By: Daria Tabota (deleted) Industry News,

DESTIN, Fla. Ignited Services introduces Ghost Shopper, a marketing tool and website pixel that identifies and verifies online visitors’ contact information to follow up on website leads. 

“Until now, dealers haven't had a way to identify anonymous website visitors and notify potential customers when the trailers they are interested in show up in their inventory,” said Ignited Services CEO, Jack Patterson. “Now, Ignited Services will be able to identify these ‘invisible’ shoppers – and turn them into an opportunity for a conversation.” 

Patterson described the new tool as a ‘secret weapon’ to help dealers stay connected with online shoppers in real time. The service works seamlessly with your existing website to keep a fresh message in front of potential customers, retargeting them until they make a purchase. The process generates a higher conversion rate, leading to more sales for its users. Ghost Shopper works without any effort on dealers, freeing up valuable time for business owners who use it. According to Ignited Services, there are no complicated programs to learn. 

“It’s a way to automatically stay in touch with visitors shopping on your website,” said Vicki Shipp, Account Manager at Ignited Services. “The process builds a pipeline for future inventory, keeps your dealership at the forefront of shoppers’ thoughts, and helps to prevent potential customers from going to your competition.” 

Those interested in implementing Ghost Shopper on their own website should contact Vicki Shipp at vicki@ignitedservices.com or call 260-580-2636. To learn more, please visit ignitedservices.com

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