Hillsboro Industries Announces Sales Team Changes

Posted By: Randy Lewis Industry News,

Hillsboro, Kansas- Hillsboro Industries is pleased to introduce 2 new employees to our sales team. Eric Olson and Brad Cordell are our new Territory Sales Managers hired to assist our dealers to grow their business with Hillsboro Industries.

Eric Olson

Eric brings many years of experience in the trailer and truckbed business including territory management, dealership management and working with dealers to expand their business and profitability. Eric resides in Hidden Valley, PA and will be working with dealers in the Eastern part of the United States. His phone number is 620-877-8933 and email is eolson@hillsboroindustries.com.

Brad Cordell

Brad also brings many years of experience in the truckbed and work truck industry including territory management, dealership management and product enhancements. Brad resides in Watertown, SD and will be working with dealers in the Western part of the United States. His phone number is 620-877-4319 and email is bcordell@hillsboroindustries.com.

Randy Lewis

Randy has worked for Hillsboro for several years and is our Director of Sales and Marketing and has the responsibility of managing the Territory Sales managers, marketing, and working with our Executive Team on new product development and strategic planning. He also oversees our Canadian dealer network and works with all dealers to help grow their business.

“Having Randy, Brad and Eric on board will give us the opportunity to strengthen the Hillsboro name in the industry” says Mike Gerken, CEO. “We are very pleased to have Brad’s and Eric’s experience in the industry to join our company” he continues.

Larry Heiser

Larry is your parts and accessories contact. Larry has worked for Hillsboro for many years and knows a great deal about the truckbed and trailer industry. He is also very good with technical questions and truckbed installations. Larry’s phone number is 620-947-2037 and email is lheiser@hillsboroindustries.com.

Shauna Lacio

Shauna has been with the company for a year. She brings several years’ experience from a dealership and will be the main “voice” answering the phone and assisting dealers on sales questions, lead times and other sales functions. Her email is slacio@hillsboroindustries.com.

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