Defy the Odds in Today’s Vulnerable Economy

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ST PETERSBURG, Fla. — Learn from Jack Patterson, Ignited Services, LLC, as he teaches dealers to put the odds in their favor when it comes to increasing sales and service.

Are you searching for a way to put the odds in your favor when it comes to increasing sales and service? Video Conquest Marketing is a very unique way to reach the customers that buy trailers, have trailers, and need parts and service. Discover how to reach your targeted audience in your local, regional or national market.

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Originally aired during the 2020 NATDA Virtual Trailer Show.

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About Jack Patterson, Ignited Services, LLC

Jack Patterson has 27 years of experience in the retail automotive industry as a Platform Director and General Manager. Patterson is highly proficient in both variable and fixed operations, as well as advertising, marketing, leadership development, dealership operations, process management and personal training. He’s also overseen the overall image and consistency of marketing campaigns with his organization. Patterson has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Eastern KY University and is a NADA Academy graduate.

About NATDA Dealer Performance Week

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