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Elkhart, Ind., March 30, 2023 – Cleer Vision Windows, an AIRXCEL® brand, is celebrating its 20th anniversary on April 9. Started in 2003, Cleer Vision Windows began after founder Rick Collins and his father (who founded LEER truck bed toppers) purchased a small window plant in Elkhart and began producing windows for transit buses and ambulances under the Cleer Vision Windows brand (a nod to LEER and the legacy of Rick’s father). In 2005, they purchased another facility and began producing tempered glass. They expanded their products to include the RV industry in 2009. In December 2022, they announced the launch of their new baggage doors.

Rick Collins, Founder and Division President of Cleer Vision Windows said, “We expanded our product line to include RVs due to the proximity of the potential customer base in and around Elkhart County. The opportunity was right in our backyard. We’ve seen steady growth in the RV market and streamlined our products to better support the RV industry.”

Cleer Vision Windows recently expanded some of its operations into a 100,000-square-foot facility in Elkhart which should be complete later this year. “We will be building out our Baggage Door line from this facility,” said Marc Disher, Sales Manager of Cleer Vision Windows. “We also expect to be able to double our capacity for tempered glass in our current location.”

“What we’ve really seen develop over the past 20 years has been our culture as a company,” said Jimmy Harlow, General Manager of Cleer Vision Windows. “Our employees are a driven group of people, all working towards the same goal. The customer comes first. We’re excited for the next 20 years to continue to make products that will benefit the end user.”

About Cleer Vision Windows: Cleer Vision Windows specializes in the production of high-quality, high-value aluminum frame windows for the RV and specialty vehicle industry. Cleer Vision has been part of the Airxcel family of brands since 2021.

About Airxcel, Inc.: Airxcel is the leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of the most critically functional products for the RV industry. Headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, Airxcel has 13 facilities across the U.S. and Europe.