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Written by Dealer Spike

Have you noticed over the last year that digital activity is on the rise? You may have experienced it yourself—a more frequent impulse to pick up your smartphone and browse social media or pause in the middle of work to Google something unrelated to your current task. The 2020 surge in internet use continues to influence our digital interactions, causing them to become more sporadic and fragmented.

While these moments of digital distraction may seem meaningless, they actually are crucial micro-moments when trailer dealers can engage potential leads.

What is a micro-moment?

Micro-moments are results-driven acts performed by online users to discover a new product, learn a fact, gain a piece of information or make a purchase. Don’t be deceived by the perceived insignificance of the term “micro-moment.” While it may seem trivial, it is a pinpoint in the customer’s buying journey where an important decision is made that could lead the customer to your dealership.

Common micro-moments for trailer buyers can include:

  • Googling “2021 trailer sales”
  • Browsing online marketplaces for used trailers
  • Requesting a quote on a unit or submitting a lead form
  • Cross-referencing unit models and prices on their smartphone while visiting a dealership

By identifying the micro-moments that make up your prospects’ buying journeys, you can connect with shoppers at the right time and turn more leads into buyers. Here are some proven digital marketing strategies designed to help you intersect the buying journey with high-quality and exciting content:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is the use of paid ads, especially pay-per-click (PPC), to get in front of online shoppers. Paid ads appear at the top of search results to grab searcher attention. Because 91% of smartphones users pause a task to perform a quick Google search, as reported by Google, dealers rely on paid ads to capitalize on these impromptu searches. For example, a shopper Googling for 2021 trailers sales can see your ad for your spring kick-off sale at the top of their search results and decide to visit your website.

Targeted Digital Advertising (TDA)

Online shoppers only interact with ads that fulfill their search intent, which means the timing and quality of each paid ad needs to be on point. TDA identifies which online shoppers would be most interested in your paid ad content based on their online searches and browsing activity, and then sends them tailored content. Dealers can set their TDA ads to target leads by online behavior, previous searches, location and age to create an audience base of highly promising leads and power up ad campaign performance.

While micro-moments may seem fleeting and not worth pursuing, they are the moments that determine whether a shopper becomes a buyer. Trailer dealers who launch customized digital marketing campaigns gain the ability to intercept these micro-moments and encourage qualified leads to connect with their dealership.

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