Ridge Corporation Announces Corporate Promotions

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PATASKALA, OH – Advanced composites manufacturer Ridge Corporation announced several promotions within the company.

    Ridge Corporation

Gary Grandominico will become our new Consulting Co-Founder.  In this role, he will continue to do what he does best, and that is develop new markets using Ridge Innovation while driving product development and R&D to achieve the goal.  Gary has many projects that he wants to finish in the years to come.  He has a few fish to catch, but in between casts you can bet he will be working the phone and thinking of new ways to make Ridge successful.


Bret Moss will become President/CTO (Chief Technical Officer).   Bret has been with Ridge from the beginning and has met every challenge with hard work, a positive attitude, and a can-do spirit. Bret’s sales, engineering, quality, R&D and operational experiences are invaluable to Ridge.  We have full confidence in Bret’s ability to lead the team and continue Ridge’s growth in the years to come.  Bret is excited to take on this challenge and is looking forward to a bright future for the team.


Stuart Dailey will become our new COO (Chief Operations Officer).  Stuart has led our Processes Engineering and Ignition teams over the past 13 years.  Combining his equipment expertise and his software knowledge together with our exceptional Plant Management team is an exciting opportunity for Ridge.   Gary and I anticipate tremendous benefits to Ridge as Stuart brings all three groups together with a common mission of repeatability, process control, and profitability.


John Maynie will become our new CMO (Chief Marketing Officer).  John’s professionalism, competitiveness, and sales experience brings next-level excitement to our team and our customers.  John will lead our sales and marketing efforts into all our industries, and he will work with Gary and I on strengthening existing relationships while building new customer bases as Ridge technology advances.  Expect to see John with even more customers on tours through the Ridge facilities while bragging on our associates, technology, and quality. 


Sherry PattisonCFO (Chief Financial Officer) – Sherry has been our CFO for 9 years, and she has seen Ridge grow 5-fold in her tenure.  Sherry has played a pivotal role in managing our finances and facilitating all the elements needed to achieve rapid growth.  Although this is not a new role for Sherry, I want to recognize her professionalism and leadership in the company.  She has mentored all our directors over the years on the financial aspects of their departments and has played a key role in our success to date.  Sherry continues to grow her team to meet the challenges ahead while adding expertise to help us identify opportunities for additional improvement and profitability.


Ray McDonald will take the position of CEO/Co-Founder.  As you all know, Gary and I started Ridge in 2004 after being business partners since 1999.  Throughout the years, we have worked closely together to build the Ridge into what it is today.  I will continue to work tirelessly to see our Ridge family succeed and prosper.  Our commitment to Innovation, Service, and Quality is unmatched in our industry, and that drive is recognized by all our customers.  There are always challenges ahead, but the future is bright!  Let us all continue to roll up our sleeves, exceed our customer’s expectations, and build a successful Ridge future as we have done for the past 20 years!


About Ridge Corporation:

Ridge Corporation, an Ohio based company, uses advanced materials to produce engineered solutions for multiple industries including all modes of freight transport. Using high performance materials coupled with proprietary manufacturing techniques, Ridge delivers a wide variety of design solutions that not only meet, but often exceed, customers’ expectations. Learn more about Ridge Corporation at www.RidgeCorp.com.


For more information please contact Zach Rittler, Director of Sales & Marketing for Ridge Corporation via email: Zach.Rittler@RidgeCorp.com or via phone: 614.421.7434.