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We are about to enter the last quarter of 2021, and our minds are turning to the trends and resources that will make a difference for dealerships in 2022. In previous articles this year, we have highlighted a lot of services designed to improve a dealer’s overall online presence, but before we welcome in a new year, we want to ensure that dealers everywhere are aware of the foundational website tools. 

Whether your dealership has had a website for years or is in the process of launching one, the following is a list of must-have website tools that will benefit any dealer! 

Custom Website Content 

While a cookie cutter website is fast and easy, the templated design and copy may not resonate as strongly with your audience. Bringing a fresh, unique face to the digital market helps your dealership stand out and provides your potential shoppers with the right information about your dealership. Make sure your website features your specific branded style, images of your inventory and store, your dealership’s story — think “About Us” page — and current inventory and pricing.  

Bonus tip: An increased number of inventory listing or vehicle detail pages is an added benefit to building your search engine organic ranking.  

Keyword Analysis Tool 

You may have heard the phrase “content is king.” That’s because your website content – specifically your copy – serves a crucial role of helping your website appear in search results. This is done by choosing high-powered keywords, which you can find by using tools like Google Trends. A keyword analysis tool will show a keyword’s search volume, as well as any surges and trends across time, so that you know what your potential customers are searching for the most. 

Online Lead Management 

You know that not all leads are created equal. Being able to prioritize your leads accordingly ensures you can direct the right amount of attention to each. Especially during busy seasons, this can be difficult if you don’t have a lead management software that captures leads for you. We recommend integrating lead management software with your website so that you can use a single platform to view each lead’s history, current position in the sales funnel and likelihood of making a conversion.  

Online Inventory Management 

If your dealership has a website, we hope you’re consistently featuring current inventory listings. However, we understand manually managing online listings can be time-consuming, which is why we recommend adding an inventory manager to your repertoire of website tools. A good inventory management system streamlines the process of uploading, editing and removing listings so that you can accomplish a lot more with just a few clicks of the mouse.  

Bonus Tip: If you are a small shop, pairing an inventory management system with your website can maximize your productivity and help you do more in less time.  

Walkaround Inventory Images  

Earlier we mentioned the importance of real images on your website, and we want to expand this recommendation to include specialized inventory images. Specifically, we have found that creating walkaround shots, also known as 360° photos, generates a much higher volume of customer interest. Shoppers can see every angle of the unit and zoom in on specific details without needing to scroll through a dozen images. This heightens your inventory listings and brings your showroom right to your customers’ homes. It makes shopping a breeze for them and is a great look for your dealership.  

Dynamic Digital Chats 

You will continue to hear us endorse digital communication because of its rising popularity with consumers and businesses alike. Texting and online chat provide flexible, versatile channels that allow your dealership to answer questions, generate quick quotes and even schedule appointments (just to name a few examples) with ease. You will have peace of mind knowing that any online inquiries have a direct connection to your dealership whenever. 

Bonus Tip: We say this again – if you are limited on staff, adding online chat or texting capability to your site will allow you to be in multiple places at once, stretching you further without over-extending your services and wellbeing.  


Your website should be your top priority when it comes to generating new leads and maintaining customer relations. With online shopping on the rise, your website has the most potential to make a strong impact with your prospects. And with good-quality website tools handling the heavy lifting and paving the way for smooth business, you can enjoy better business at a lesser cost to your busy schedule. 

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