Dakota Bodies Unveils Second Generation Service Body

WATERTOWN, S.D. – Dakota Bodies announced the release of their new and improved weld-together service body, which fits the 2020 and newer Ford, Ram and GM chassis.

The traditional weld-together design has seen many improvements since 1997 and Dakota Bodies recently introduced further developments to improve price, performance and appearance. The weld together design of the Gen II Service Body provides a long-term, solid connection between parts to achieve exceptional structural integrity. The most notable update to this body is the included universal mounting kit designed to fit 2020 and newer Ford, Ram and GM chassis. Other major design updates include:

  • Compression T-handle door latches
  • Cast aluminum fenderettes
  • Silver zinc finish tailgate brackets
  • Fuel filler cup in streetside fender
  • Modernized bumper appearance

"I think customers will appreciate the modernized design elements, new price point and ease of upfitting with the universal mounting kit," said Jeff Orthaus, CEO of Dakota Bodies. "Times change and it’s important that we adapt and continuously grow our products to fit current and future needs."

As always, the Gen II Service Body is completely customizable to fit each customer’s needs. It is immediately available for quotes.

For more information, please call 886-227-0071 or visit www.dakotabodies.com.

About Dakota Bodies

Dakota Bodies LLC manufactures a broad range of service and utility truck bodies for use in numerous industries. They currently employ over 400 people, with three operating facilities, two in Watertown, SD and one in Liberty, MO.

Source: Dakota Bodies Press Release