Aqua-Hot Commemorates 40th Anniversary

Posted By: Susan Bishop Industry News,
Fredrick, Colorado  Aqua-Hot, an AIRXCEL® brand, will commemorate its 40th
anniversary in 2024.

40th Ani Aqua-Hot LogoAqua-Hot, originally known as Vehicle Systems, Inc., was founded in 1984 by Harold “Hap” Enander in Fort Lupton, Colorado, and manufactured various RV accessories and water heaters. Enander was an RV enthusiast and always looking for better RV solutions, including a better way to heat his coach and water supply. He wanted quiet, evenly distributed heat and unlimited hot water when he had a continuous supply of water available. The Aqua-Hot Heating System® debuted in March 1989 at the San Antonio Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) show.

Aqua-Hot has experienced tremendous growth and change over the last 15 years. The company moved
from Fort Lupton to Frederick Colorado in 2013 and joined the Airxcel family of brands in 2019. Selma
Salihagic joined the company as General Manager in August 2019.

“Aqua-Hot has seen incredible growth in the past few years as more and more people start exploring the
RV lifestyle,” said Salihagic. “We’ve been able to make a product that is a critical piece of the RV
experience, and we continue to innovate to serve our customers in all of our markets. In 2020, we
launched the Aqua-Hot 125 which was geared for the campervan segment. We have exciting
opportunities for future expansion with new product lines coming soon.

Aqua-Hot launched its Gen1 furnace and water heater combination with high-altitude performance up
to 15,000 ft. in 2022. This multi-purpose, space-saving appliance is lightweight and can heat water
independently of the furnace.

In October 2023, Aqua-Hot finalized its move to a new building in Frederick, Colorado, with expanded
manufacturing space. The company announced monthly in-person training with tours of its new facility
starting in January 2024 and running for the remainder of the year.

There will also be ongoing events at Aqua-Hot throughout 2024 as the company continues to pay tribute
to its 40-year legacy, celebrate the ongoing hard work of its employees, and thank current clients and
distributors for being valued partners over the past four decades.

About Aqua-Hot

Part of the Airxcel family of trusted companies, Aqua-Hot Heating Systems has manufactured innovative
hydronic heating solutions for RVs since 1984. Highly adaptable to a wide variety of applications, its
products run on diesel, gasoline, or propane fuels.
About Airxcel, Inc.

Airxcel is the leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of the most critically functional products for
the RV industry. Headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, the Airxcel family of brands includes 16 companies
with 13 facilities across the U.S. and Europe.