Rolling Success: Action Trailers Celebrates 20 Years in Strathroy, Ontario

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In Strathroy, Ontario, Action Trailers stands tall as a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of its president, Shane Thompson, who has built Action Trailers into a thriving enterprise that became one of Canada's largest trailer dealerships.

Shane's journey into the trailer business started at 16, as he upgraded from selling hot dogs and hamburgers with his small vending business he started at 12 years old, to selling trailers on a busy highway outside London Ontario. Fast forward two decades and Action Trailers is proudly marking its 20th anniversary. The dealership has evolved into a trusted name, consistently delivering thousands of trailers annually to customers across Canada and the US and employing over 30+ staff members at only one location.

What sets Action Trailers apart is its commitment to quality and affordability. The dealership collaborates with various manufacturers, from industry giants to local Mennonite companies, ensuring a broad spectrum of trailers that cater to various needs. This unique approach not only fosters community partnerships but also allows Action Trailers to offer a comprehensive selection, meeting the demands of a diverse customer base.

Action Trailers' success story is not only measured in sales figures but also the relationships cultivated over the years. By working closely with manufacturers and local businesses, the dealership has built a reputation for reliability, making it the go-to destination for anyone in search of top-notch trailers at reasonable prices. Shane has always had the goal to become one of the largest trailer dealerships in the Country and he knew to achieve this goal, it would take hustle, grit & execution. Working 80+ hour weeks for decades has been a custom to Shane's routine and his limitless creativity in trying to differentiate his products and dealership from his competition, has contributed to the success of Action Trailers and them celebrating their 20th year in business, with over 40,000 trailers sold.

"The lasting success of our dealership is a sincere acknowledgment of the unwavering dedication from each of you—our cherished customers and partners. It's your trust and collaboration that laid the groundwork for Action Trailers, emphasizing quality, affordability, and the power of community. Thank you for being an indispensable part of our remarkable journey. Here's to two decades of shared triumphs and continued partnerships."- Shane Thompson.

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