10-Point Exhibitor Checklist

Posted By: Corey Langley Trailer Show Exhibitors,

Due to the NATDA Trailer Show's extensive move-in and move-out procedures, I thought it would be helpful to provide Exhibitors with a checklist of all the things an Exhibitor needs to do to be successful at show. While this checklist is meant to be comprehensive, I will continue to update as new items come along. So, please be sure to check back every once in a while.

  1. Complete your Exhibitor Profile. A first and crucial step, completing your Exhibitor Profile can be done as soon as you've secured a booth for the NATDA Trailer Show. Once your booth is secure, the primary contact on file will be sent a link to access the profile itself. Unfortunately, this is the only person allowed editing access at first. However, if access needs to be transferred to someone else, simply contact me at corey@natda.org and I'll get it switched over for you.
  2. Make sure you've received your Exhibitor Kit and order your services before the discount deadline. The NATDA Trailer Show Exhibitor Kit, produced by Excel Decorators, is the most important part of your exhibition process. In this kit, you can order things like forklift labor, dedicated internet (Music City Center has free WiFi), electric, furniture rental, and carpet. This kit would've been sent to the primary contact on file, with the following information:

    FROM: ExhibitorServices-Kentucky@ExcelDecorators.com
    SUBJECT: Ordering open for NATDA 2023 Trailer Show

    If you've not received this kit, please e-mail me at corey@natda.org. You may need to check your spam folder.
  3. Determine your booth layout. While important for all exhibitors, this step is crucial for Type A Exhibitors. During the move-in process, Type A Exhibitors are given an hour to place their trailers accordingly. It's important for you to already have a good idea of placement upon getting into the Expo Hall. Additionally, if a 3rd-party driver is simply dropping off trailers, providing a schematic for them to go by is helpful.

    Additionally, if desired, you will need to purchase carpet and furniture, all things found in your Exhibitor Kit.
  4. Determine your shipping needs. NATDA is only allowed to move trailers, truck beds and motorized vehicles into the hall for display purposes. All other items must be shipped through Excel Decorators or walked in by hand during your assigned move-in window. Your Exhibitor Kit will not only have the appropriate shipping labels, but also Advance Warehouse and Music City Center shipment deadlines.
  5. CRUCIAL INFORMATION: Determine your Move-in and Move-out Time or Window for the 2023 NATDA Trailer Show Move-in Process sponsored by Bennett DriveAway. For the NATDA Trailer Show, Exhibitors are categorized as Type A or Type B, all based on whether or not you will be displaying trailers, truck beds or motorized vehicles in your booth. Type A Exhibitors are given a very detailed targeted move-in schedule, while Type B Exhibitors are given specific time windows to move into the hall.

    It is important you not only understand what type of Exhibitor you are catergorized as, but that NATDA is aware of your display intentions as well. For ease, all trailer and truck bed manufacturers are categorized as Type A Exhibitors. However, all other companies must notify NATDA if they need to be added to the Targeted Move-in Schedule. To do so, e-mail me directly at corey@natda.org.

    Move-out for Type B Exhibitors will have two windows: August 31, 2023 (6-8pm) and September 1, 2023 (8-10am). Type A Exhibitor Move-out will begin at 10am on Friday, September 1, 2023 utilizing a First-in, Last-out process.

    Click Here to View an Explanation Video on the Process
  6. Provide any driver information and details, order power-washing and purchase Staging Lot parking (TYPE A Exhibitors ONLY). 

    Driver Information and Details: NATDA requires the direct phone number of an individual that will be delivering your trailers. This information is not shared publicly, but is crucial to make contact should your driver not be in the appropriate area by your assigned time. If NATDA has no way to make contact and determine reasonable exceptions if something were to happen (traffic, breakdowns, etc.), NATDA cannot promise that your display will be allowed entry into the hall. 
    Click Here to Submit Driver Details

    Power-washing: NATDA provides a power-washing service in the Staging Lot for Type A Exhibitors for a flat fee of $150. Exhibitors who purchase power-washing must arrive 30 minutes prior to their scheduled Staging Lot time. NATDA Staging Lot representatives determine the time and order in which trailers are washed. Please be advised that power-washing was an optional purchase during the booth ordering process, so please double-check your confirmation to make sure you haven't already ordered this service.
    Click Here to Purchase Power-washing

    Staging Lot Parking: For a flat fee of $150, Type A Exhibitors are permitted to leave vehicles in the Staging Lot throughout the course of the week. This is usually helpful for semi-truck drivers. Please be advised that the Staging Lot is an unsecured lot and leaving vehicles here is done so at your own risk.
    Click Here to Purchase Staging Lot Parking

  7. Book your stay. Nashville can be an expensive trip, so NATDA has partnered with HelmsBriscoe to provide Exhibitors and Attendees with discounted hotel rates at various properties within walking distance of Music City Center. You can find a list of those by CLICKING HERE.

    Please be aware that there have been a multitude of Hotel Scammers reaching out to NATDA Trailer Show Exhibitors. NATDA only works with one company, HelmsBriscoe, and cannot confirm the validity of any rates or offers from other providers. We encourage you to use extreme caution when communicating with these companies.
  8. See if there are any educational classes you'd like to attend, as well as if the Trailer Parts Expo is right for you. While Exhibitors only receive preferred seating to a certain number of educational classes, they will be allowed walk-in entry into the other classes if there is room available at that time. These classes are only guaranteed for Attendees, though we often have additional seating available.

    The Trailer Parts Expo is a networking event specifically for Exhibitors. You can find more information by CLICKING HERE.
  9. Register for Exhibitor Badges. Now that you've determined what classes or events you and your colleagues would like to attend, it's time to register for your badges thanks to our Registration Sponsor, Rhino Tire USA. The primary contact for each Exhibitor was emailed specific login instructions, complete with a complimentary badge allotment code based on the size of your booth. That e-mail would've looked like this:

    FROM: info@natda.org
    SUBJECT: NATDA 2023 Exhibitor Badge Registration

    If you cannot find this e-mail in your inbox, please e-mail me at corey@natda.org
  10. Book a Move-in / Move-out Consultation. All Type A and First-time Exhibitors are required to book a move-in consultation with me prior to the show. However, it is recommended that ALL Exhibitors exercise this option. On this call, I'll go over the entire process with your team, answer any questions you may have, as well as make recommendations that will make your process a smooth one.
    Book a Move-in / Move-out Consultation