2023 NATDA Trailer Parts Expo

The Trailer Parts Expo is an opportunity for manufacturers' purchasing and parts managers to connect and do business with OEM-specific exhibitors at the NATDA Trailer Show. The Trailer Parts Expo puts trailer and truck bed builders and suppliers under one roof.

Join us for a chance to network and do business with food, beverage and entertainment provided.

Trailer Parts Expo Showcase (OEM "Vendor" Exhibitors Only)

New for the 2023 NATDA Trailer Show, NATDA will host the Trailer Parts Expo Showcase, located in the Trailer Parts Expo Lounge on the show floor. This showcase, exclusive to "Manucturer-facing Vendors" will be on display during the Trailer Parts Expo, and remain on display through the entirety of the NATDA Trailer Show.


OEM Suppliers may purchase a pedestal space in this high-visibility Trailer Parts Expo Lounge to promote their prodcuts during the Trailer Parts Expo and Trailer Show, provided the product adheres to the submission guidelines. All current exhibitors will receive a 50% discount of the entry fee on a pedestal within the Trailer Parts Expo Lounge.

Product Eligiblity
  • The Trailer Parts Expo Showcase is open to OEM “Vendor” Exhibitors ONLY
  • Featured products must either be components or parts that trailer or truck bed manufacturers would utilize in
    their manufacturing process.
  • The product submitted must be a physical product to display at the event; service(s) will not qualify.
  • Parts or components submitted by previous exhibitors must have been released after the close of the previous
    year’s NATDA Trailer Show – September 2nd, 2022.
  • All OEM first-time exhibitors may submit any part or component regardless of product release date.
  • Companies submitting the product must be the same company that manufactures the product itself.

Winners of the Trailer Parts Expo Showcase Awards are determined by the votes of the trailer and truck bed manufacturing employees present during the Trailer Parts Expo. Each trailer or truck bed manufacturer employee is eligible to provide (1) vote for the product of his or her choice.

Entry Deadline: July 14, 2023

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