2023 Staging Lot Information

Posted By: Corey Langley Trailer Show Exhibitors,

This message is intended for Type A Exhibitors Only. Type A Exhibitors are defined as those with a  trailer, truck bed, or motorized vehicle for display and are required to use the Staging Lot.

The most important stage for Type A Exhibitors during the 2023 NATDA Trailer Show Move-in and Move-out Process sponsored by Bennett DriveAway is the Staging Lot. The 2023 NATDA Trailer Show Staging Lot is the required, first destination for all Type A Exhibitors. Located only a mile away from the Music City Center off of Korean Veterans Boulevard, this lot serves as a holding area for exhibitors until the NATDA team is ready for them to enter the hall.

Important Note: Type A Exhibitors are required to go to the Staging Lot, where they will be given a Dock Pass when it is their turn to enter the hall. This is non-negotiable. If a Type A Exhibitor arrives at Music City Center without a Dock Pass, they will be turned around and sent back to the Staging Lot.

This year's Staging Lot will be at Nissan Stadium's Lot N (the same as last year). Below, you can find the address, as well as downloadable maps to and from the Music City Center.

Lot N

501 South 2nd Street

Nashville, TN 37213

Music City Center > Staging Lot

Staging Lot > Music City Center


OPENS: 12pm on Sunday, August 27, 2023

CLOSES: 11:59pm on Friday, September 1, 2023

Please note that the Staging Lot is an unsecured lot. While it is parked off of a major road, NATDA advises against parking personal vehicles in the Staging Lot. NATDA does offer weekly parking in this lot for $150. This is typically used for larger vehicles that will not fit in normal hotel parking garages, or larger semi-trailers. To purchase, please click the button below.

Click Here to Purchase Staging Lot Parking

The NATDA Staging Lot Team

Once in the Staging Lot, an NATDA representative will speak with all drivers. It is their job to know which company the drivers are delivering for, how many and what kind of vehicles will be entering the hall, and if power washing is required. 

The NATDA Staging Lot Team has direct communication for the team inside the Expo Hall, and work in tandem with the Expo Hall team to ensure a smooth process. Once the Expo Hall team is ready for a certain exhibitor, they alert the Staging Lot team immediately (Often, the Expo Hall team pre-stage the next exhibitor, sending them to Music City Center even earlier). The Staging Lot team will then direct the drivers where to go.

Power Washing

As a reminder, NATDA offers power washing in the lot for a flat fee of $150. NATDA controls the schedule in which the trailers are washed as it's based on the Targeted Move-in Schedule, but it is set up as a drive-through station. However, we do ask that anyone using this upgrade arrive to the Staging Lot 30 minutes earlier than scheduled to account for this. 

I will be setting up a page that lists all Staging Lot times for Type A Exhibitors as well, where I will denote Power Washing additions. You can access that by CLICKING HERE.

If you haven't purchased this upgrade yet, you can do so using clicking the button below. As this was an upgrade option at the time of your booth purchase, I encourage you to check your Booth Order Confirmation to keep from purchasing twice.

Purchase Power Washing

Driver Information

Driver Information and Details: NATDA requires the direct phone number of an individual that will be delivering your trailers. This information is not shared publicly, but is crucial to make contact should your driver not be in the appropriate area by your assigned time. If NATDA has no way to make contact and determine reasonable exceptions if something were to happen (traffic, breakdowns, etc.), NATDA cannot promise that your display will be allowed entry into the hall. 

Click Here to Submit Driver Details

Dock Passes

The NATDA Staging Lot Team will hand-deliver dock passes to each driver in the Staging Lot, but only when it is that Exhibitor's turn to head to Music City Center. Exhibitors will not be given Dock Passes earlier that that. This is NATDA's only way of controlling the flow of traffic onto Music City Center's docks, a necessity.

The Dock Pass will indicate which entrance door the Exhibitor is required to go through - A or D. Drivers will also be given instructions on where to head next.

Entrance A vs D

Each driver is given a specific entrance to go to, predetermined by their location in the Expo Hall. Again, this will be indicated on the Dock Pass and explained to them by the NATDA Staging Lot Team.

Entrance A is the Music City Center's main security entrance. Located on Korean Veteran's Boulevard, this entrance requires drivers to pass through Music City Center's security gate, and drive up a ramp to the Music City Center's docks. This entry takes a little longer than Entrance Door D, so these Exhibitors are often brought in earlier for pre-staging.

Entrance D is a roll-up door that directly accesses the Music City Center Expo Hall, located off of 8th Avenue. To get to this entrance, Exhibitors will pass the Music City Center's security entrance, hang right at a roundabout, and enter the hall (on the right). Due to having no dock space, this Entrance is heavily monitored. A police officer, a Music City Center security guard, and an NATDA team member all guard this entrance to ensure nobody accesses it by mistake. Exhibitors for Entrance D are not able to be pre-staged as there is no room inside the Hall to do so.

Expo Hall Arrival

Once they have arrived to the correct Expo Hall entrance, an NATDA representative, often on golf carts, will direct the driver to the booth itself. If carpet or forklifts have been purchased in advance, the Expo Hall team will try to have that ready upon their arrival if able.


Do you have questions over the process? Feel free to Director of Operations Corey Langley at (727) 360-0304 x103 or e-mail corey@natda.org.