2021 Dealer Performance Week

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Kickoff Event

State of the Trailer Industry: How to Cope with No Inventory in 2021

Hosted by NATDA and an Industry Guest Panel

Manufacturers are saying inventory will still be a challenge deep into 2021 (possibly until late Summer). So, how do you keep growing in 2021 with continued inventory challenges? In this presentation, NATDA and others will discuss the state of the industry and projections for 2021. What trends are experts seeing in terms of conusmer behavior, payments, customer communciation and data? And will these trends continue throughout 2021? Will COVID change consumer behavior? AND, what COVID trends are here to stay? What are the great dealers doing to stay profitable and growing? How are they structuring their service departments? What creative things are they doing to grow? Specifically, the presentation discusses:

  • Data on consumer payments and communication
  • Insights on inventory, service and parts
  • Creative ways to generate revenue immediately... and throughout 2021
  • The COVID trends that are here to stay

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A Roadmap to Post-Pandemic Marketing: How to Transition Sales and Marketing Efforts Towards a Digital Future

Presented by Kent Lewis, Anvil Media 

*Originally aired during the 2020 NATDA Virtual Trailer Show*

2020 has ushered in a new world, thanks to COVID-19. With consumers locked down in their homes for much of the year, shopping and buying habits have been dramatically (if not permanently) altered. More than ever, consumers are starting (and completing) their buying journey online, which poses challenges for the trailer industry. This session will provide a fundamental overview of digital marketing best practices, including search engine optimization (SEO), paid search and social media advertising and organic social media marketing. Anvil President and Founder, Kent Lewis, returns to NATDA to help attendees through a transformation from analog to digital marketing, including building a meaningful presence on search engines like Google and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. This session will provide digital marketing industry statistics, best practice strategies and tactics, trends, budgeting and necessary resources you will need to maximize awareness and sales in the New Normal. Turn these uncertain times into certain revenue. 

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How to Maximize Website Traffic (and Revenue) via The Latest SEO Strategies

Presented by Kent Lewis, Anvil Media

Learn how to develop a cohesive and comprehensive SEO strategy to maximize your organic visibility, site traffic and trailer sales. Google owns 94% of all searches online. The powerhouse can still make or break a brand, even with heated competition from Facebook and Amazon. While search engine optimization (SEO) fundamentals haven’t changed significantly in more than a decade (relevant content, streamlined code and credibility factors), Google has put more emphasis on a few key areas that organizations must understand and embrace to remain relevant. Anvil Media President & Founder, Kent Lewis, will outline the latest SEO best practices, share SEO trends for 2021 and beyond as well as share helpful case studies and resources. Topics covered will include schema markup, voice search, link development and local search strategies. From this presentation, you will be able to develop a cohesive and comprehensive SEO strategy to maximize your organic visibility, site traffic and revenue from Google and other search engines. 

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Building Long-Term Online Success from the Ground Up

Presented by Hayley Hollen, Dealer Spike

Following the large-scale e-commerce transformation in 2020, trailer dealers are besieged by complex, cutting-edge digital service tools promising significant revenue results. While staying up to date with digital resources is important, dealers first need to focus on building a solid foundation for their online presence.

Dealer Spike presents the top ten most crucial strategies to connect with online shoppers:

  1. Responsive website that reflects the dealership’s character and adapts to all screen types
  2. Industry-inspired design and layout that caters to the dealer’s best interest
  3. Simple, intuitive website navigation to provide a great user experience
  4. Prominent calls to action and optimized lead forms prompting visitors to take the next sales step
  5. DMS integration with the dealer’s website for easy online inventory management
  6. Blog and newsletter to create fresh, valuable content and build a lucrative audience following
  7. Images & Videos of inventory, which are a powerful selling point for online shoppers
  8. Social media to create a simple (and free) connection with potential customers
  9. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for enhanced online visibility and better user experience
  10. After-sale follow-up process to capitalize on recent purchases and develop customer loyalty

While technology has evolved a lot in the last few months, the foundation of online marketing remains the crux of success. Dealer Spike is here to help trailer dealers build long-term success from the ground up.

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Defy the Odds in Today’s Vulnerable Economy 

Presented by Jack Patterson, Ignited Services, LLC

*Originally aired during the 2020 NATDA Virtual Trailer Show*

Are you searching for a way to put the odds in your favor when it comes to increasing sales and service? Video Conquest Marketing is a very unique way to reach the customers that buy trailers, have trailers, and need parts and service. Discover how to reach your targeted audience in your local, regional or national market.

Ignited Services, LLC is a NATDA member that offers a special discount to all NATDA members.

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The Keys to DOUBLE Your Google Reviews in 2021

Presented by McKay Allen, Kenect

In this discussion with trailer industry experts, McKay will lay out the 3-step process to DOUBLE your Google reviews in 2021. This is no joke. Too few reviews (mixed with some bad reviews) can sink your dealership.

Attend this 30-minute presentation to learn the quick process to double your Google reviews in 2021. It’ll take you building an internal process (McKay will lay out how to do that), but it works!

Specifically, McKay will discuss:

  • How to deal with negative Google reviews in 2021
  • The exact process to DOUBLE Google reviews
  • The BIG mistake dealers make with reviews

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KEYNOTE: More Word Of Mouth Referrals: Developing Lifelong Customers & Raving Fans

Presented by Matt Ward, Breakthrough Champion

Most businesses want more of those golden nuggets, the word-of-mouth referrals, but they struggle to get them in a systematic way. People can create more business than they can imagine if they had more word-of-mouth referrals. In this session, Matt will provide attendees with a clear understanding that building strong relationships with their clients and contacts can be a powerful marketing tool. Attendees will leave armed with knowledge and clear takeaways they can implement in their businesses immediately, resulting in a closer connection with clients, and contacts. These initiatives will also generate more word-of-mouth referrals.

You will learn the four pillars of Ward’s word-of-mouth strategy:

  1. Over delivery: How to exceed client expectations so they communicate your value to their network
  2. Listening: Find new ways to really hear what customers are saying but more importantly see the things they do to open new opportunities
  3. Surprise: It takes some effort but surprising clients requires understanding the individuals inside the organization and what matters to them.
  4. Non-self-serving acts: Taking the time to do things that don’t always impact revenue or the bottom line. They will pay big dividends in the future.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to exceed client expectations so they communicate your value to their network.
  • Choose the ideal contacts that would be more likely to refer business to you
  • Perform actions that ensure your name is top of mind for referrals
  • Identify why asking for referrals never works

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Parts and Service

Now is the Perfect Time for a Service and Parts Reboot

Presented by Ken Barnes, DealerPRO Training 

*Originally aired during the 2020 NATDA Virtual Trailer Show*

With Trailer sales booming in most areas, is your service and parts department ready for the increased business? Do you have the right processes in place to satisfy customers and actually make money in service and parts? In this workshop, Ken Barnes will show you:

  • A calculator on how much your Technician Productivity impacts gross profits with an example of a 3-technician shop having an annualized gross profit increase of over $400,000

  • How to increase your Service Appointments and Sales

  • Why you need a Phone Process

  • Impact on Customer Retention for the sales department based on their service visit

  • Industry Opinions on preparing for the future

  • Performance Based Pay Plans

  • The Definition of Shop Productivity and why technicians are performing below 100% productivity

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Full Hydraulic Circuits as They Pertain to Utility Trailers

Presented by Jeff Murphy, Premium Supply

This presentation will discuss the broad topic of hydraulics as it pertains to utility trailers. In it, viewers can expect to cover the entire hydraulic circuit, which is generally looked at from a component perspective versus a whole circuit. The components covered will include the hydraulic circuit, hydraulic hoists and cylinders, hydraulic jacks, tilt decks, batteries, battery maintenance, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic pump maintenance, hydraulic circuit troubleshooting, and winches.

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Business Management

Does Trailer-Friendly Dealership Software Make a Difference?

Presented by Johnathan Aguero, Blackpurl

If you want to make life easier, grow your business and give a better customer experience, there are several reasons to consider a trailer-friendly dealership management platform.

In this webinar, Johnathan Aguero will discuss ways you can increase profit and peace of mind by giving your team a business platform specifically designed to organize a trailer operations.

Discussion topics include:

  • Sell more units with trailer quoting tools
  • Increase work efficiency with a single place for arts inventory, service history, and unit cost tracking
  • Accelerate service growth with trailer-friendly work order write-up and service scheduling
  • Reduce accounting cost and increase business visibility with popular accounting integrations
  • Deploying a dealership platform can be straightforward

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You’re the Problem (and the Solution!): Seven Proven Habits to Help you Reclaim your Sanity, your Life and your Dealership

Presented by Sara Hey, Bob Clements International 

*Originally aired during the 2020 NATDA Virtual Trailer Show*

Have you ever wondered why some dealers are on a never-ending bumper car ride, where the only thing that was ever produced was minor whiplash, and why others succeed despite it seeming like everything is stacked against them?

During this session, Sara Hey from Bob Clements International, will walk you though what her team spent over a year discovering about the seven habits that set the dealers who are constantly successful apart from those who can never get ahead. She will share stories of dealers who exhibit these characteristics and share how you can reclaim your sanity, your life and your dealership. 

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Reclaiming your Sanity and your Time

Presented by Sara Hey, Bob Clements International 

*Originally aired during the 2020 NATDA Virtual Trailer Show*

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? If you’re like most dealers, it would be the ability to stop time, and have more of it. Regardless of what happens, there never seems to be enough time in a dealership.

During this session, Sara Hey from Bob Clements International, will walk through habit from her new book, “You’re the Problem (and the Solution!)” on how you can move from being a reactive manager of your time in each department to a proactive manager of your time. She will also share about the one-hour challenge and give you specific and applicable ways to regain control of your service, parts and sales departments.  

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Protect One of Your Most Important Assets – Employees. Providing Employee Benefits to Attract and Retain Empl0yees

Presented by Chris Bernardine, enhancedCareMD 

As an employer attracting and retaining employees is crucial to a successful business. In our session we will be discussing how providing a comprehensive benefits package for employees will increase retention and provide an advantage in recruiting new employees. We will also provide insight on types of benefits and as well as how to provide a cost-effective solution. Lastly we will share ideas on how to implement and communicate without having to be expert and let you focus on running your business.

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Driving Profit Through Efficiencies

Presented by Rachel Osborn and Josh Slabaugh, Trailer Central

See how streamlining your dealership tools, methods and resources can drive profitability by utilizing a central system that allows for increased management power and insights to efficiencies that further drive dealer success. Join Rachel Osborn and Josh Slabaugh to explore how you can leverage functionality and boost profitability in all business aspects, including inventory management, sales, marketing and communications tactics.

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