2019 Dealer Education Schedule

A Roadmap for Dealer Succession Planning: How to Understand the Value of Your Business & the Criteria Buyers Value the Most

Brad Stanek (Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor) /// Morgan Stanley

By knowing the simple, yet effective formula most buyers use when valuing a business, you get an understanding of what your business may be worth, and clarity on what actions will have the biggest impact in increasing this value. This applies to all, whether selling to a third party, passing the business along to the next generation, or stepping out and having key employees run it for you. Three key discussion points will include: the specific formula used to get an estimate of what their dealership is worth, the eight drivers of business value and growth potential. During this workshop, attendees will learn:

  • The specific formula used to get an estimate of what their dealership is worth
  • Eight categories that buyers value the most in determining their offer
  • Three or more actions they can immediately take to increase the value of their business

Connecting to the New, Digitally Social Consumer

Graham Anderson (Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer) /// Kenect

Communication with customers continues to evolve. Social media and text messaging are taking over and 81% of consumers trust and use reviews to choose a dealership. In 2019, consumers are going mobile as their primary means of making purchasing decisions. Join Graham as he discusses texting and social media etiquette, online review importance, which review sites matter and how to implement a system to get more 5-star reviews.

Dealer Regulatory Matters: Understanding How Federal & State Trailering Regulations May Impact You & Your Customers

Annette M. Sandberg, Esq. (CEO) ///TransSafe Consulting, LLC

The complexity of state and federal regulations related to commercial motor vehicles is ever increasing. Often, dealers and their customers are unaware of when the regulations apply and what implications they may have. This presentation will assist dealers with the following:

  • The difference between consumer and commercial hauling
  • Dealer to consumer deliveries
  • Manufacturer to dealer deliveries
  • Consumer pick up from dealers and what they should know before driving off the lot
  • Electronic logging device impacts on shipping and basic understanding

Don’t Let TIN Forms Tire Out Your Customers

Johnathan Bradley (Vice President of Sales) /// Big Tex Trailers

With the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) recent tire recalls, it is crucial that trailer dealerships understand NHTSA’s federally required tire registration procedure. Johnathan Bradley is responsible for tracking tires for hundreds of dealerships, will clarify the TIN Registration process and explain how it develops maximum protection for you and your customers in the event of a manufacturer recall.

Maximizing Technician Productivity & Repair Cycle Time While Increasing Profits

Ken Barnes (Director of Sales) /// DealerPRO Training

We find that technician productivity is one of the most important factors in satisfying customers while impacting service and parts profitability. This workshop will discuss how number of working days, calendar utilization, tech hours available, selling maintenance, courtesy inspections, pay plans, goal setting, and daily monitoring will impact technician productivity and repair cycle time. And the good news is that when tech productivity goes up, so does profitability. Ken will utilize profit calculators to show increases plus real-world examples to explain implementation.

NATDA Dealer Panel Discussion

Mark Podeyn (Owner) /// Action RV

Where does your dealership rank among the best? What do successful dealers do differently? Should you steer your trailer dealership in a different direction? Join top dealerships in the industry as they discuss the impact, advancements and hurtles of the modern trailer dealership, fielding audience questions along the way. This panel discussion, hosted by Action RV’s Mark Podeyn, will give insight on dealership trends and ways to make your business more successful by the billable hour.

Rent Your Way to Revenue

Megan Swank (CEO) /// White Spruce Trailer Sales

From economic uncertainty in the market to catering to a younger, cash-strapped demographic, rental services are quickly becoming a driving revenue stream for dealerships across the country. Join White Spruce Trailer Sales’ Megan Swank as she uncovers the best practices you should follow, how often to turn your rental inventory and, ultimately, how to add a rental fleet to your bottom line.