2018 Dealer Education Schedule

Thursday, September 6, 2018 at 12:00-5:00 PM

Unleashing The Power of Your Employees

Hosted by: Bob Clements (President, Author & Keynote Speaker), Sara Hey (VP of Business Development & Speaker) /// Bob Clements International

What is your biggest expense? Employees. Working to maximize the performance and attitudes of your staff should be at the top of your to-do list! Bob Clements and Sara Hey will share specific ways on how you can turn average employees into super stars. During this fast-paced workshop, Sara will discuss the 6 key motivators that drive employees plus teach you how to take unmotivated employees and turn them back into motivated employees. Bob will walk you through the steps to build bonus and incentive programs that drive performance and improve attitudes. If you’re ready to move your people to the next level, this is a must-attend workshop.

Are Your Marketing Dollars Producing Sales?

Hosted by: Sara Hey (VP of Business Development & Speaker) /// Bob Clements International

Are you getting a return on your advertising investment? Or, are you wasting your marketing budget? It is critical to know the actual cost of bringing a new customer into your dealership and how much you must spend to entice existing customers to re-buy. Sara Hey will help determine your customer acquisition costs, customer lifetime values and what a well-rounded marketing budget should look like for your dealership.

Understanding Your Numbers in Service, Parts & Sales

Hosted by: Bob Clements (President, Author & Keynote Speaker) /// Bob Clements International

To be an effective owner or manager, you must know the numbers, or ‘vital signs’, of your dealership — total labor sales, service recovery rates and parts sales by individual, for example. Whether you are looking for a good refresher or a full overview of what numbers you need to know, this session is for you! Bob Clements will walk you through why it’s important to know your numbers, the key numbers you need to measure to most effectively manage your parts, service and sales departments and how reports can help you manage your dealership and improve the overall effectiveness of your business.