Valor Trailers Aids Local Food Bank During COVID-19 Pandemic

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - As COVID-19 slowed workflow or completely closed local businesses in Caldwell, ID, the founder of Valor Trailers, Matt Salisbury, decided it was time to serve his community. During a time of uncertainty, Salisbury put Valor Trailers' company motto, “At Your Service,” to work. The founder of the new trailer manufacturing plant asked his team for volunteers and created the Good Neighbor Project.

Part of the Good Neighbor Project included turning Valor Trailers' scrap metal into dumbbell and barbell sets that were sold on social media, an idea that came about due to local gyms closing. Valor Trailers' then used the money raised to support small restaurants and staff who were, and in some cases still are, greatly impacted by COVID-19.

While looking for his next Good Neighbor Project, Salisbury heard of a local farm that crops were going to waste due to COVID-19.

"I recently read an article in our paper that farmers in eastern Idaho were forced to dump potatoes due to a decline in the restaurant industry," shared Salisbury. "I called the food bank's soup kitchen and asked if they could use the potatoes."

Assembling a group of volunteers, Salisbury and the Valor Trailers team set out to pick up loads of the potatoes.

"When we got to the food bank with the potatoes, the volunteers at the Nampa Lighthouse told us that the board of directors read the same article a few days earlier but had no ability to get to the farm," Salisbury remembered.

Valor Trailers has aided in several community projects since the onset of COVID-19 and will continue to assist the community during the pandemic and long after.

"We are turning our beliefs into action,” says Salisbury.

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