Trailer Valet Teams Up With Mike Thompson's to Create New Promotional Video for the New XL-Pro

SOURCE: Trailer Valet Press Release

City of Industry (June 11, 2019) - Trailer Valet released the new XL-Pro in late 2018 and its customer base has been growing steadily. As an upgrade to the popular XL, the company has been working hard to reach potential customers who would be the best-fit to use this specific product. The XL-Pro can tow up to 12,000 lbs in trailer weight and comes stocked with a built-in 60V brushless drill giving the unit exceptional power, control, durability, and duration.

“We really want to target the power-user, someone who has to move multiple trailers quickly and often,” states Ted Chen, founder of Trailer Valet. “A lot of these potential users are professionals - people who move RVs at dealerships, renovate campers, or move units down a manufacturing line. They need something powerful and reliable, and that wont get in the way.”

In an effort to create a marketing campaign geared for these users, Trailer Valet partnered with Mike Thompson’s RV, a trusted partner and local dealer in Southern California where the company is based.

“We have a generous offering of all types of towable RVs from many different manufacturers, so we were happy to have the Trailer Valet team test the XL-Pro on 9,000 to 12,000 lb trailers,” states Ray Schwantner, Director of Parts at Mike Thompson’s RV.

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The Trailer Valet is an award winning multi-function trailer tongue jack that enables you to move and steer a trailer up to 5000 pounds with minimal effort using our dual 85 psi tires. The patented high and low gear drive system ensure precise and effortless maneuverability on multiple surfaces, and the quick release brake system prevents runaway trailers and accidents. The unit is made of high quality stainless steel with a hammered powder coating to ensure protection under marine environments. When it is time to go, the Trailer Valet can be rotated up out of the way or completely removed for storage.