Trailer Alarms, LLC Secures Domain Name

NEW BRAUNFELS, TexasTrailer Alarms, LLC announced that the company secured the domain name Trailer Alarms, LLC has operated under the domain for nearly 15 years. The additional domain adds to their fleet of security domains.

"This adds even more legitimacy to us and our brand" said Lyle Clark, owner of the trailer security company. He adds, "It has taken a lot of time, persistence, and money to accomplish this."

With the addition of the new domain, will be forwarded to the existing website until updates can be made for the new site. Trailer Alarms, LLC will continue to host both websites and begin marketing the new site soon.

About Trailer Alarms, LLC

Located in New Braunfels, Texas, Trailer Alarms LLC provides a variety of trailer protection and theft prevention systems. Trailer Alarms, LLC also offers referrals for installation needs of their security and protection services.

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Source: Trailer Alarms, LLC Press Release