Tired of Leaving Voicemails and Getting No Response?

Written by: Kenect

For most trailer dealers, engaging with customers isn’t just about securing a one-time purchase. Trailer consumers are extremely loyal to the brands they associate with, and many trailer purchases and rentals come from repeat customers. While traditional marketing channels like email, digital ads, and print campaigns are great for finding and engaging first-time customers, keeping repeat customers engaged and informed isn’t so straight forward. After all, these people already know what they want and the value your brand can provide. They’re just looking for the best possible customer experience.

Understanding the modern consumer

Today’s consumers are more diverse and selective than those of a few years ago. Instead of going to friends and networks to ask opinions, they rely heavily on online reviews and social feedback from other consumers. For trailer dealers, this online engagement can make or break a company’s success. Around 80% of shoppers turn to online reviews as the first step in the buying process, making a brand’s online feedback that much more critical to the overall bottom line.

While delivering amazing in-person service and treating every customer like a white-glove shopper are the first steps to generating great reviews, it’s also about engaging with customers where – and when – they most prefer it outside of the four walls of a dealership. This means that, instead of the more traditional engagement channels associated with new business marketing, trailer dealers should turn to innovative, customer-first communication channels like texting.

Almost 90% of customers actually prefer to text with businesses instead of speaking to them over the phone. The days of leaving lengthy voicemails to announce new products, alert customers of service updates, or to ask for an online review are over. Today’s customers are ready to engage with brands through texts, and trailer dealers are at the forefront of this innovative shift.

Boost consumer engagement with texting

Texting consumers can reduce the number of voicemails a dealer leaves by up to 84%, and it can help increase the number of inbound responses from customers. Direct-to-consumer texting can also boost consumer engagement by:

  • Increasing 5-star online reviews. By texting customers instead of emailing or calling them to ask for an online review, dealers can increase the number of reviews by nearly 300%. A simple text with a direct link to an online review site encourages customers to engage with a brand online without adding unnecessary steps.
  • Reminding customers of service appointments. Today’s consumers rarely open emails from retail brands, and even fewer answer the phone if a call is coming from an unsaved number. For trailer dealers, this means alerting customers of upcoming service appointments or promotions can be tricky. Texting breaks through the noise and ensures service messages are received and read.
  • Speeding up customer service. Many times, consumers leave negative reviews online due to lengthy customer service waits or time spent on hold during a phone call. In order to speed up service and ensure a positive experience every time, dealers can add a ‘For faster service, text us now’ option to their phone menu or website to save your customers – and your team – time and patience.
  • Collecting feedback and opinions. Because trailer dealers rely so heavily on repeat customers and building customer loyalty, ensuring amazing customer experiences is key. Collecting feedback and sending out customer service surveys are critical, and texting customers with a link to these forms is ideal for both sides. It shows that a dealer respects the time and effort its customers are putting into the survey, which could prompt better feedback.
  • Sharing trailer-specific content. If a dealer is running a promotion or announcing a new product, there usually is additional content (flyers, videos, photos) associated with the campaign. Texting customers with this content can help trailer dealers make sure it actually makes it in front of a customer and doesn’t get held up by spam filters in an inbox.
Get started with direct-to-consumer texting today

If your team is ready to be on the front lines of trailer consumer engagement, then it’s time to implement a business texting strategy now. You can learn more and get started here.


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