TecNiq, Inc. Announces Initiative for COVID-19 Relief Efforts

GALESBURG, Mich. – TecNiq, Inc. has a world-class injection molding facility, with circuit board assembly equipment, production-grade 3D printing equipment and powerful manufacturing technologies. As a vehicle safety lighting manufacturer TecNiq, Inc. is considered an essential business and remains in operation.

During this crisis period, TecNiq, Inc. is prepared to offer the use of its extra capacity in production equipment, and its experience for volume production of eligible essential items related to COVID-19 relief efforts – at no charge for its time and equipment.

Contact sales@tecniqinc.com to see if your production needs are something that can qualify.

COVID All Hands Initiative

In addition to offering space and manpower to other essential businesses, TecNiq, Inc. is asking others to post on business websites ‘COVID All Hands Initiative’ with a listing of services, benefits and resources offered at this time. 

For more information, please visit www.tecniqinc.com 

About TecNiq, Inc. (Booth 837)

TecNiq, Inc. provides quality LED lights for the trailer industry's interior and exterior needs. TecNiq, Inc. products include lighting for construction trailers, light-duty trailer interiors and exteriors, fleet and emergency response vehicles, boats and heavy or light duty equipment and are backed by a lifetime guarantee. TecNiq, Inc. products are engineered, designed and assembled in the U.S.A.

Source: TecNiq, Inc. Press Release