Tariffs on Trailer Wheels Will Harm the Entire Trailer Industry

Written by: Taskmaster Components

Mount Pleasant, TX (June 8, 2018) - A tariff on imported wheels will have adverse effects across the entire trailer industry. Small businesses, which already operate on razor thin margins, simply cannot bear any price increases. The American wheel manufacturing industry represents a tiny fraction of the overall trailer industry workforce, and the proposed tariff will hurt all but those directly involved in building American wheels.

Taskmaster Components’ customer base is made up of, in large part, small one-shop operations. “We are worried about our customers. We are worried about the families they support. These tariffs will really hurt the shops that are just doing enough to get by right now,” Says Tom Walker, Taskmaster Components’ CEO, who goes on to explain the wider impact of a tariff: “I’m not only worried about the cost borne by the end consumer in our industry, I’m worried about every link in the supply chain, and that if the trailer industry is harmed, so will the many industries that rely on quality trailers to move their products.”

The economic repercussions of a tariff like the one proposed are enough to wipe out small operations, and many jobs along with them. The American economy has been steadily picking up steam over the past few years, and trade restrictions will only serve to throttle it. The proposed solution to the American “trade deficit problem” will be felt across a wide spectrum of businesses. The American manufacturing jobs that may be created by the enacting of a tariff on wheel imports will be vastly overshadowed by the jobs lost when the market is forced to absorb these costs.

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