Target Likely Customers by Online Behavior

Written by: Lauren Labunsky (Dealer Spike)

A person’s online activity shows a lot about their interests and desire to make a purchase. There is a vast amount of behavior, beyond search engine queries and clicks, that can provide insight into an online user’s intentions. The websites that a person visits post-search, the content they read, and the searches they make on other online platforms can all indicate what the person is interested in and where they are in their journey to purchase. This behavior is arguably more telling of a person’s likelihood to purchase than activity on search engines.

Not only does Behavioral Targeting give you access to online users who have clear interest in purchasing a trailer based on the websites they are visiting and the content they are reading, but it also allows you to advertise your dealership to those people while they are doing their online research. For example, a person who is visiting a website titled “Choosing the Right Utility Trailer” is most likely in the market for a utility trailer. If that person is typing keywords such as “2019 Big Tex utility trailer” into the search bar on that website, it is safe to assume that they are considering purchasing that specific unit. If you can deliver an ad for that trailer at your dealership while the person is making that search or reading the content on that site, it is highly probable that they will decide to purchase the trailer from you.

It is safe to assume that, in most cases, a person does their research before deciding to buy a high-ticket item like a trailer. Research from the 2018 Ecommerce Foundation report indicates that 88% of consumers conduct research online before making a purchase in-store. Having access to the online behavior that those consumers display during their research is invaluable to retailers. It gives you the opportunity to reach those consumers at the exact moment when their level of interest is at its peak. It also allows you to “pitch” your dealership and trailer units via perfectly placed ads before the consumer makes a final buying decision.

While it is best practice to implement both Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Behavioral Targeting to advertise to prospects on all available platforms, it is easy to see why Behavioral Targeting is such a powerful strategy. It gives advertisers the unique and innovative ability to make a virtual sales pitch in real-time to proven prospects who are clearly in the market. Advertising through Behavioral Targeting is a wise investment, as you can be assured that the most likely online customers for your dealership are the ones seeing your ads.