TadiBrothers Releases Backup Camera System With Quick Disconnect System

11/15/2017 1:24pm

Los Angeles, CA
(November 15, 2017) – TadiBrothers is proud to release its new quick hitch disconnect system with observation camera and rearview monitor (SKU23818).

This new line of quick disconnect truck hitching systems includes a 7-inch rearview monitor, a Bird’s eye view RV back up camera and a heavy duty quick disconnect. This system has been designed from the ground up to help drivers hitch a truck or any vehicle to a fifth wheel or horse trailer.

With this system, a camera in the back of the trailer/5th Wheel connects all the way to the front of the trailer with a 70-foot cable. The monitor in the front of the truck connects with a 25-foot cable that reaches the end of the truck in between them. TadiBrothers provides a heavy-duty coiled weather and waterproof cable that allows for a quick disconnect and reconnect from the hitch. These cables also carry enough power to be upgraded to work with up to 4 cameras. This is a very easy solution for anybody who has a wired backup camera system and wants it to work in a very simple way.

Keep in mind that all of TadiBrothers’ backup cameras can be activated when you go in reverse, or can be kept on continuously while driving. This nifty feature comes in handy when on the road, so drivers can see what’s going on around them while changing lanes or parking their fifth wheels or RVs with ease.

This system was initially designed for Horse Trailer safety, as TadiBrothers learned over the years that horse owners prefer to see their horses while they’re driving down the road since it makes things very easy and has saved horses lives.

This item can be found on the TadiBrothers site by searching for SKU23818. Remember, this system has been designed from the ground up to be extremely heavy duty and rugged. It is 100% waterproof and weatherproof, and the cameras and monitors are full color with military grade progressive night vision. That means as it becomes darker outside, the camera will automatically adjust to night vision mode. The Automatic night vision saves drivers the aggravation of fumbling around and looking for buttons to activate the night view.

About TadiBrothers
TadiBrothers has been selling observation cameras since 2003. They take pride in having the highest quality back up cameras with prices friendly enough for any regular consumer but rugged enough for the largest fleets in the country.