Stay on Top of the Trend: Voice Search

Written by: Lauren Labunksy, Dealer Spike

Day by day, it’s becoming more normal to talk to your devices. Ten years ago, who would have guessed that people would be giving orders to inanimate objects – driving directions, setting reminders, instructions to call someone – and actually getting a response? Voice assistants and devices like Apple’s Siri on iPhones and Amazon’s Echo have made this a reality.

According to research gathered by Grazitti Interactive on behalf of MarketingProfs, one in four shoppers used voice assistants in 2017 and 72% of voice-activated device owners use the device(s) in their daily routines. These numbers are expected to increase – voice search users reached 1 billion per month in January 2018 and it is predicted that by 2020 half of all online searches will be voice searches.

How can you make sure that your dealership website is likely to appear for prospects when they search by voice for units like yours? Let’s talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as it relates to a new and growing trend, voice search. The rising popularity of voice search makes SEO best practices more important than ever. It’s note-worthy to point out that voice search only provides one result – the one that the search engine determines most relevant and useful for the searcher. This means that you really need to put in the work to give your dealership the best chance of earning that spot. Here are 3 best-practice SEO tips that are especially relevant to search by voice:

1. Conversational content written for humans, not robots

Search engines have advanced to the point that they will favor content that sounds natural and conversational, rather than content stuffed with keywords. In addition, people conducting voice search aren’t likely to speak in an overly formal way or list keywords, so conversational content is more likely to match their search request.

2. Abundance of content

The more content on your site, the better chance you’ll have to match a searcher’s request. However, it’s still important that your content is useful and non-repetitive, without overdoing it on keywords. Search engine algorithms seek out content that will be helpful to the searcher.

3. High website authority

The more trusted your website is, the more likely it will rank high in search results – but the authority of your site becomes even more important when there is only one voice search result spot to claim. This trustworthiness is earned through high-quality on-site content, high-quality navigation and usability of your site, quick page loading speed, and an absence of spam-like SEO practices such as link building and keyword stuffing.

An important note is that the higher your site ranks in organic search results, the more likely you are to earn the top result spot for voice search. If you are implementing SEO as part of your dealership’s digital marketing strategy, you are setting your business up for success in voice search. However, as search engine algorithms improve and adapt to search by voice, well-written conversational content that serves the needs of your customers is becoming more and more important.


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