S&S Trailers Offers Superior Design, Steel and Support

How do you pack 60 years of trailer manufacturing experience into a 30-something guy? Raise him in the business!

That’s the story behind the new S&S Trailers headquartered in Alta Vista, Iowa. Kyle Smith and his wife, Taylor, took the leap in mid-2019 and opened their own trailer manufacturing facility after years of working in the family operation.

With the move came new energy, skilled craftsmen and a passion for improved design, fine-tuned functionality, superior quality materials and workmanship.

Built to the specifications of its customers, the mission is to exceed customer expectations. Whether it’s a fully enclosed horse-stock combo trailer, flatbed, single-tilt axel or even a semi-trailer, S&S Trailers provides the design, quality and look customers want at an affordable price.

Never satisfied with “that’s how we’ve always done it,” the Smiths are looking down the road to improve the safety, functionality and operation of trailers for this generation of stockmen, horse enthusiasts, livestock show contestants, and the next.

“We’re parents of young children, ourselves,” Taylor says. “We understand how important it is to be able to trust your trailer. It’s not just getting there that matters, it’s getting there safely and with everything you need that really matters. Whether you are pulling livestock to a show or moving cows from one pasture to the next, you need to be able to trust your trailer to get you there.”

Superior quality for the price is also a hallmark of S&S Trailers.

“We’re also farmers ourselves,” says Kyle. “We know that you need equipment and rolling stock that lasts and will hold up to the tough work we expect from it. Our trailers are built to perform for the long-haul.”

S&S Trailers uses American-made steel in their trailers which are backed with the knowledge and experience to provide top-notch support.

Selling through a national dealer network, S&S Trailers believes in the strength of the dealer/manufacturer relationship.

“We need passionate, dedicated dealers who can understand and articulate the superior quality of our trailers,” Kyle says. “We work closely with our dealers and their customer to make sure the trailer they want is the trailer they get – at a price that makes sense. We can make anything from a pared-down, straight-to-the-point model, all the way up to the bells, whistles and back-up cameras, if they want them.”

Operating out of a 32,000 square-foot facility, S&S Trailers uses a CNC Plasma Cutter, a 90-ton CNC press brake to bend steel and has a state-of-the-art paint booth. A team of seasoned professional welders, painters and other craftsmen use their great Iowa work ethic to build each trailer with pride.

“S&S Trailers works directly with paint, tire, axle and other suppliers to make sure the components going into their trailers meet their exacting specifications,” Kyle says. “I’ve been working on trailer improvements my whole life. I know when a paint isn’t performing as it should be and will take the steps necessary to make sure we’re getting the finish we want, if that means working with the manufacturer on a new formulation.”

If you’re interested in becoming an S&S Trailers dealer, please call 641-364-2138.

About S&S Trailers (Booth 545)

The owner of S&S Trailers has been in the trailer manufacturing business since he was a child and his mission was to create a business to design a trailer with an efficient and modern design. Starting this company, he has the knowledge of steel trailers and is a farmer at heart.

If it’s a weekend rodeo or moving swine to market, S&S Trailers is here to provide the best solution.

Source: NATDA Magazine, January/February 2020