Retarget and Acquire New Leads with Facebook Marketing

Written by Dealer Spike

WILSONVILLE, Ore. - Facebook offers the largest social network to connect with online leads and drive more business to your dealership. About 1.6 billion people interact with small businesses on Facebook, but the platform’s shifting algorithm makes it difficult to connect with potential customers organically. To prevent your posts from disappearing into your audience’s news feed, Facebook created a highly efficient advertising system. Dealers can choose from a variety of Facebook Ads to retarget old leads, reach new audiences and drive more online traffic to their dealerships.

Have you ever wished you could create the perfect online lead—someone who is local and already excited to make a purchase? Well, Facebook Ads are the next best thing. Facebook offers critical micro-targeting features that get your ads in front of a particular audience so that you market to the consumers who are most likely to purchase your product. This is excellent news for your budget and ROI, as you are investing only in the most valuable leads.

To get the best results from your Facebook marketing strategy, it’s important to understand the different ad types and their unique purposes. Facebook Ads can be broken down into two main options: engagement and conversion.

Engagement ads reach a wider audience; they are optimal if your objective is to increase your page likes and post engagements, advertise an upcoming event, or encourage online users to take advantage of a sale. Conversion ads include a specific call to action, such as contacting your dealership or purchasing a unit and are geared toward particular audiences. Once you have determined if you want to run an engagement or conversion ad, you can select the ad format that will deliver the best results.

Carousel Ads

Carousel ads allow you to upload up to 10 images or videos to showcase several units or highlight the specific benefits of a single unit.

Video Ads

Visible in your Facebook stories or your customers’ news feeds, video ads provide a quick demo so that customers can see the unit or service in action. You can use filmed footage or animation videos to deliver your message.

Dynamic Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads help you re-engage previous website visitors who didn’t complete a purchase. Tailored ads based on the units they viewed on your site will appear in their news feed and encourage them to return to your platform.

Lead Generation Ads

Facebook users can fill out a contact form directly on their news feed, which is especially beneficial if you are looking to remarket to people who have already visited your site. Contact form options include quote or demo requests, e-newsletter subscriptions and event registrations.

Incorporating Facebook Ads into your social media strategy provides greater reach and drives more conversions than non-paid social posts. Ideally, dealers would leverage Facebook Ads and organic posts in their social marketing strategy to achieve optimal results. An active organic social media presence builds credibility with your followers, which increases the likelihood that your audience will click on the paid Facebook Ads that appears in their news feed.

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