Redneck Trailer Supplies Introduces Trailer Parts Pro - New Wire Program Launch

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - Redneck Trailer Supplies announced the launch of the Trailer Parts Pro Wire Program.

Trailer Parts Pro, exclusively distributed by Redneck Trailer Supplies is the nation’s largest seller of packaged trailer brakes, brake components, trailer running gear and now an expanded electrical offering! Leading the way since 1980, Trailer Parts Pro by Redline branding has built a reputation on offering customers the best quality trailer parts provided in attractive color-coded packaging! Adding wire to the extensive amount of choices in the Trailer Parts Pro product line just made sense.

The Trailer Parts Pro Wire Launch offers retail packaged items ready to be positioned in a showroom setting as well as bulk options of 100 ft rolls, 500 ft rolls and master rolls having great benefits and features, such as:

  • Retail packaged items cut to popular project lengths
  • Retail packaged primary wire packaging doubles as dispenser
  • Attractive low-cost planogram available for showrooms
  • All wire and cables are RoHS compliant and built to meet SAE specifications
  • Easy to reorder, saving time

The Trailer Parts Pro Wire Program provides dealers and their customers eye catching packaging that is easy to identify in a showroom. Pre-cut wire lengths provide customers with quick and simple solution to their wire needs. Simplified product line and upgraded presentation create a win-win for dealers and their customers.

“We are very pleased with this expansion of Trailer Parts Pro” says Ben Giddens, Director of Merchandising for Redneck Trailer Supplies. “It will increase the value that dealers bring to their customers, especially when paired with the longevity of other Trailer Parts Pro product lines.”

For more information on the Trailer Parts Pro Wire Launch and Store Kit offered through Redneck Trailer Supplies, call 1-877-9REDNECK or go to

About Redneck Trailer Supplies

Redneck Trailer Supplies is the industry’s leading supplier of trailer axles, trailer parts and trailer accessories since 1979. It excels in providing its customers with the best in value by delivering the trailer parts you need when you need them. Redneck Trailer Supplies has all the trailer parts and accessories your customers need to keep their trailers in top towing conditions. The company's huge assortment of parts and accessories including trailer axles, trailer brakes, trailer hitches, trailer jacks, trailer suspension parts, and trailer tires and wheels make it the leading supplier of trailer parts and accessories across the United States.