Polar Temp Pivots to Aid Farming and Medical Industries

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – As companies start to go back to business as usual, many companies and organizations have adapted to the new normal brought on by the coronavirus. Polar Temp specializes in refrigerated trailers and has experienced a new customer base due to the pandemic. Division Manager, Brian Dallman recalls how Polar Temp, has shifted in operation due to the pandemic.

“We have not always worked with hospitals or funeral homes; this all came because of the pandemic. It’s all new to us,” explained Dallman. “This all started when a dealer called looking for a “mobile morgue” rental.”

Dallman has worked closely with medical professionals and organizations to retrofit and custom build trailers that offer storage to medical examiners or funeral directors. Creating a trailer that can accommodate cadavers was not something Dallman ever imagined being part of the Polar Temp product line up; however, it has been an area of the business that has multiplied exponentially due to unfortunate circumstances.

“We may have to hire more production staff, possibly more technical staff due to the volume of sales and requests for these trailers,” said Dallman.

In addition to the mobile morgues, Dallman has used Polar Temps refrigerated trailers to supply fresh food to those in need. By word of mouth and internet searches, seafood, beef, and vegetable farmers in the local community and outlining areas have reached out to get assistance from Polar Temp’s fleet.

While businesses begin to return to pre-corona normalcy, Dallman hopes to find balance within the new sector of the industry, staying hopeful for a return to a healthier time but also being willing to adapt to this new need in the market that was previously, never anticipated.

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