New Hi-Vis Tail Lights Provide Builders Design Flexibility

01/19/2018 6:01pm

Galesburg, MI (January 19, 2018) – Slight variations in the mounting surface can cause a tail light to be outside required geometric viewing angle guidelines. TecNiq’s High Visibility Stop-Tail-Turn-Reverse lights allow the builder the wiggle room to comply with all safety regulations when mounting on unique surface angles, while only installing a single lamp. They meet all DOT FVMSS and SAE specifications and are guaranteed for life.

High-performance High Visibility Stop-Tail-Turn-Reverse lights feature premium polycarbonate lensing with the sharpest optic quality and durability available. IP68 rated, they’re completely dust and waterproof, and have excellent UV- and chemical-resistance. Their unique design provides maximum off-angle visibility in a wide range of conditions at greater distances, and boasts an extremely powerful reverse LED that’s nearly double the FMVSS 109 requirement. Their high intensity functionality draws a mere 0.11–0.15A at 12VDC.

Ideal for trailers, work trucks and heavy-duty on-and-off-highway vehicles, TecNiq’s High Visibility Stop-Tail-Turn-Reverse lights are single units, so they reduce installation time and costs, and limit inventory. Available with or without integrated reverse, they surface, grommet or flange mount vertically or horizontally. 6″ oval and 4″ round industry standard sizes are offered. They start at $18.98 without reverse and $31.98 with.

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